Friday, November 19, 2010

Bows make everything better

Cardigan: The Limited
Belt: made it myself
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

My very first outfit picture! I was getting so nervous last night, it felt like the first day of school, where you want to pick out a cute outfit that will impress your friends without looking like you're trying too hard.

My husband took the pictures and he was actually a good sport about it and didn't even crack any jokes or make fun of me. I was impressed! I had asked him last night if he'd take my outfit pictures for me in the morning and he was like "why don't you get one of those photographer boyfriends that everyone has" LOL.

My skirt was only $4! I love good deals like this, where its a super cute item, on clearance, and my size. I think the only times I ever shop at Old Navy is when they have the additional 50% off clearance items sale. And I only shop in the clearance section of Target, too. Um, actually.. I only shop in the clearance section of any store (except Forever 21. The clothes in their clearance section is usually butt-ugly.)

I made this bow belt for a floral dress I was sewing. Of course, the dress turned out horrible (ugh, so horrible. I don't even want to think about all the hours I spent on it.) I decided that I'd keep the bow belt for something else, and I'm glad I did. Isn't it cute? It was super easy, too. I want to make another one, so maybe I'll put up a tutorial for it. Anyone interested?


  1. I would be interested! I agree, bows do make everything better :)

  2. i think this outfit is adorable!! love the way you styled the skirt with the boots and the bow. As a biased lover of all things with bows, i can't not like your outfit! :)

  3. Great job on the first outfit post! U R right bows make everything better.


  4. Oh my word, that belt is DARLING! How did you make it? I have a thing for bows and I very much want one!

    You have great style in this post and I'm so excited to see more...I'm your newest follower!

    <3 Cambria

  5. I would be interested in a bow belt tutorial! I think you look great for your first outfit picture, I would totally be friends with you in school:)

  6. I love the bow belt...I think it totally makes the outfit!

  7. congrats on your first outfit post! the bow belt is perfection!

  8. I think you knocked it out of the park on your very first try! This is cute and looks so cozy...I love your little bow belt, it adds such a pretty bit of color. More, please!

  9. this belt totally makes the outfit! i love the color and it's the perfect compliment to an ordinary gray skirt.

    thanks so much for checking out my blog and i can't wait to see more posts from you! oh, and i'm following you now too via GFC. :)

  10. cute! I agree, bows make everything better.

    Tell S he did a good job on the photo ;)

  11. Yay bows!!! I love this outfit--it would have been cute on its own, but the belt really makes it pop =]

  12. cute cute cute! so glad you saved that bow!

    and i know how you feel about first-outfit jitters...they'll go away though, i promise :)

  13. The photographer boyfriend comment made me laugh so hard. I would LOVE a bow belt tutorial - that belt is way too cute.

  14. That belt is adorable! I'd love to know how you made it!

  15. love your $4 skirt and your home made belt!!!

    my boyfriend cannot stand he clearance/sales rack- but not me, I am willing to flip through every article of clothing. haha! everything else is too expensive for my budget. maybe once in a blue moon, F21 would actually have something nice in their clearance.

    Just Better Together


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