Monday, November 22, 2010

Introducing: Blue Paper Lanterns Blog Design

Okay guys, I have a problem. I already mentioned that I'm down to $44 left for the rest of the year to buy clothes. No good. Really, it's more than enough money IF I were to only need to buy one or two things for the rest of the year, but with Black Friday coming up and Christmas sales... gosh, I'm a sucker for those.

My husband and I have agreed that any extra income we receive can go towards our clothing budgets. This means, work bonuses (which I have not gotten, sad face), selling stuff on Craigslist (I had to part with my beloved aqua blue paper lanterns I used in our wedding... extra sad face), my annual credit card bonuses, or any other means of getting money in my pockets.

Well, what can I do to make a few extra bucks?  By doing what I love doing, which is web and graphic design. So, from now on out, I will be offering custom blog designs!

So far, I've only worked on a few blogs so far.... if you don't count a bunch of template layouts that I did for some fansites awhile ago (think: Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Hayden Panettiere, and a bunch of other teeny-bopper sites.. too bad they all got shut down due to some idiot.. so I can't get screenshots)

I can create a new header and background, then give you CSS to insert into the blogger template designer that will overwrite all your custom settings. Pretty simple and straight-forward.

Find out more here »

ps. If you post my button on your blog, I'll even give you a discount :)

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  1. I didn't know you did blog design!! I totally would have had you do mine when I did my blog redesign. Next time!

    Have a good Thanksgiving Kimmie!


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