Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nerd Alert: Battlestar Galactica Exhibit

Um... this isn't about fashion... so if you aren't geeky like me, you can probably just move along now.

It was my birthday last week, and since my husband was working on the actual night of my birthday, we decided we'd drop the baby off at the in-law's and go out to a nice dinner on Saturday. Since we had some time in the afternoon, we were trying to think of things to do, and my husband suggested going to either the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Science Fiction Museum or the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center (both are right next to each other in the Seattle Center, a.k.a. where the Space Needle is.

I really really wanted to go to both, but I decided to be nice and go to the one my husband wanted to go to first. (He thinks Harry Potter is lame. I beg to differ.) After we were done with the BSG exhibit, we walked over to the Harry Potter one, but it was freaking $26 PER PERSON. Geez. We only had an hour left on the parking meter, so we decided to pass.

It was our first time at the EMP/SFM (Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum) since it opened in 2000 and it was pretty cool inside. We don't care much about music, but the Sci Fi section was pretty neat.

At the BSG exhibit, they had three of the spaceships from the show, a handful of props, and some costumes (from both the old BSG and the reimagined series). I really wish they could have gotten their hands on more items, it wasn't very big or very much to look at. A few cool things, but really, after 4 seasons on TV, they couldn't get any more props than that?! Sad face. If you have not seen Battlestar Galactica, you must. It's soooo good.

And um... I would taken more pictures without me mugging for the camera (eg., pictures of cool spaceships) but I didn't have a blog at the time and didn't know I'd be posting a recap. Please forgive me. Also, if I had known I'd be posting these pictures on the world wide web, I'd do something about that frizzy hair. Oh well, too late now!

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  1. wow, great trip! i love the picture with all the guitars going up the center! i actually do need to see Battlestar Galactica still. :)


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