Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day

Tank: Banana Republic Factory Store
Cardigan: Zac Posen for Target
Jeans: Paige
Boots: UGG
Necklace: Forever 21

First day of snow, and everyone in Seattle is freaking out. We only get a few days of snow every year, so the people around here are usually ill-prepared. Traffic was a mess this morning, with buses all delayed or canceled, and my facebook news feed was taken over with annoying "OMG IT'S SNOWING!!!!" statuses. It was getting pretty bad in the afternoon and since my commute is an hour long, I left work 3 hours early... and I ended up getting home right on time. Most of the commute wasn't too bad, it was the last 4 miles to my house that took seriously an hour and a half. It was stop and go, and it was along really hilly roads, which resulted in multiple cars stuck in the middle of the road with their blinkers on, and like a parking lot on the side of the hill to my house. I was really lucky I made it home in one piece!

The snow also thwarted my plans for wearing my cute boots, and I wore my Uggs instead. These Uggs were dangerously close to my donate/try-to-sell pile, but my husband was like "gross, who would want to wear used Uggs? They're like sponges." Very true. I will spare the supposed-future-wearer of these the grossness and keep them for myself. My toes thanked me while waiting outside for the super-delayed bus.

Oh, and these skinny jeans? I got them at Goodwill for $10. And there was a $5 bill in the back pocket. Yessss..... (BTW, did you guys know that there's a supposed Napoleon Dynamite cartoon in the works? A few years too late, but still I'm flippin' excited.)

PS... I'm working from home tomorrow, and I'm not working Wednesday... so I might not have any more outfit posts until next week. Unless you want to see me in my sweats. (You don't. Trust me.)


  1. loveeeeeeee that ruffled cardigan! too cute! and that deal with the skinny jeans? awesome! stuff like that can make any day better.

  2. Haha that makes them $5 jeans! Nice! OHMYGOODNESS a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon? Makes me want some tots. And Chapstick.
    Lol at the status thing...every time there's an earthquake in California it's like a race to update your status first. That's probably not the best way to react to a natural disaster, really...

  3. I love that tank! You look super cute. I have a friend who's going to school in Seattle and she told me how everyone went nuts over the snow. I'm definitely glad you made it home safely though!


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