Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snowflake Lane

Shirt: Hand-me-down (orig. H&M)
Blazer: Thrifted (orig. Anthro)
Jeans: Hudson
Booties: Payless
Scarf: Gifted (from India)

I wore this out to dinner on Black Friday. We weren't planning on going shopping, but since we ate really close to the mall, we just walked over to take a peek in Crate and Barrel. I love holiday time, when they put up the "snowflake lane" and have nightly shows of drummers, lights, and music all along the busy street. So festive!

I was on the hunt for the perfect blazer for the longest time, and decided to go check my neighborhood Goodwill one day. I found this little gem, which happened to be perfect. My size, cute shape, (ugh, so many ugly blazers at Goodwill!), good material (twill), and it happened to be 50% off! Then, with my 20% off coupon, it came out to be $3.50. SO AWESOME. Plus, it was in great condition, so after a trip to the dry cleaners, I was so excited to bust it out for the first time yesterday. I had never heard of the brand (Elevenses) so I Googled it and I *think* it's an Anthro brand. I have no idea because I've never stepped foot into an Anthro store or looked at their website. Not because I don't like their clothes, but because I know I'll like something and not be able to afford it.

I've had these jeans for a few months now but have only worn them a handful of times because they were hemmed to the wrong length. I finally re-hemmed them last weekend, so now I can wear them with my regular shoes. I'll be putting up a jeans hemming tutorial sometime soon (like, tomorrow?), just in case you're interested :) It's super easy!


  1. skinny minnie! i love that blazer. cannot BELIEVE you scored it for $3.50. color me jealous :)

  2. THIS OUTFIT IS PERFECTION! I love that super cute blazer!

  3. I love that blazer! What a great find.

  4. Awesome find!!! You look great.

  5. wow, i can't believe you found that blazer at Goodwill!! it's perfect on you!! i love the way you tied your scarf too and it really puts a nice finishing touch on the look.

  6. That blazer is so cute! Amazing find.... ahh I have yet to seek out the cute thrifty vintage stores in my new home of Amsterdam.


  7. i can't believe that blazer is from Goodwill! Who would give that away? awesome find.

    Just Better Together

  8. Awesome find!!! You look great.

  9. skinny minnie! i love that blazer. cannot BELIEVE you scored it for $3.50. color me jealous :)


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