Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skidamarink a dinky dink

T-shirt: Charlotte Russe
Cardigan: White House Black Market
Skirt: BB Dakota
Belt: Nordstrom BP
Boots: Steve Madden

Today's picture was taken in front of McCaw Hall. I think it's an opera house, but I have no idea, because I've never actually been inside. It was built in 2003, and I just LOVE the design and architecture of the place... well, just the outside at least. I totally wanted to have my wedding reception there, but it was just WAY too pricey and I think the layout of the place made it kind of awkward... since opera houses aren't really meant to be reception halls, you would have to seat everyone in the lobby, which is terrible for acoustics.. what with all the glass and high ceilings.

So, this skirt. I ordered it online in a size small, but it was, like, REALLY short because it sat super high up on my waist, so I exchanged it for a size L. I have no idea my reasoning behind NOT getting the medium, but the large is way too big, and sits really low on my hips. You can't see (and I'm not going to be taking self-timer pictures of my behind), but it has a super cute exposed zipper on the back, making it near-impossible to alter. I was too lazy (and cheap) to send it back a second time, so I'll have to deal with belting it.

You know what's annoying me today? When people who don't know how to use bcc send mass emails, and then all these random people that I don't know reply-all with their stupid "I'll be there!" emails. I'm on TWO of these stupid emails, where the original sender should have just used Evite. Seriously, I've been getting TONS of these, and it annoys me to no end. GRRRR.

My poster giveaway is (finally) ending tomorrow. I think it was stupid to have a two week long giveaway, I should have made it way shorter, but I guess I know for next time. Go enter if you haven't yet. It's my last reminder :)

PS. I can't figure out how get myself in focus when I'm using a self-timer... since the camera is already focusing on the background. I wish I had a fancy DSLR that I could use a remote with, but I don't. And manual settings make my head hurt. Help?


  1. Ugh, email etiquette is my pet peeve! I once got stuck on an email chain where 84 nonsense emails were sent out. Ruined my whole morning, I swear.

    You look super cute though (particularly love the skirt), and you always find the best backgrounds for your photos. So jealous!

  2. Oh, you got the LARGE? Why oh why didn't you order a medium? :P That happens to me too with skirts sometimes. I dunno why they make the waist so small! You look darling here though, Kimmie! :)


  3. hahah kimmie if i could think of the least LARGE person i "know", it would be you! regardless, this skirt is ADORABLE. i want it. pleaseee?

  4. Adorable! I am also a Mommy to a 2 year old. I love your skirt, no matter the size.

  5. Ha ha, I think everybody hates that about mass e-mails and yet there are still those who insist on doing them!

    I found your blog through Kim's, it's beautiful!


  6. i think the skirt looks fine, especially with the belt to help hold it up. the scalloped edges are so pretty. love the tiers and the color.

  7. The last time I was at McCaw Hall I saw Mariah Carey! It was actually a great venue to see her.

    You look adorb. I can't believe you jumped from a small to a large. LOL! you make me laugh :)

    And try putting your handbag down where you are going to stand, focus your camera on your bag and then move it out of the way (or hold it) when you shoot!

  8. @Tiffany- OOoohh good tip. I'll have to try that out next time. Too bad the bag I use for work (pretty much the only time I'll be acually needing to use self-timer) doesn't have any structure. I'll try it out though! :)

  9. You can't even tell the skirt is too big, it's the perfect length and super cute!

  10. LOVE the skirt-I think it looks just fine. I kind of always getting things a bit too big and just live with it. Too cheap to have things altered that didn't cost much in the first place!

  11. this scallop skirt is so cute!! and it doesn't look too big once you have it belted. i haven't tried BB Dakota before, but I've heard that it's another great petite brand out there! will definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for it.

    btw, i'm tagging you in my post that's going up tomorrow. :)


  12. Fun scallop skirt! Great backdrop. You should do one in the fountain. It's off this time of year, right?

  13. I love the black and blue together, such an edgy combination!

  14. That skirt is just scrumptious! And I totally agree about the BCC business.

  15. You're `cute and chic here. The skirt and belt are soooo nice.


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