Thursday, December 16, 2010


Striped tee: Thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Rock & Republic (Hand-me-downs)
Shoes: Born
Belt: Thrifted

Kileen over at Cute and Little tagged me in a Stylish Blogger Award today! Never in my life have I ever been called "stylish" before, so I'm super super SUPER flattered (okay, maybe I've been called stylish one time before, but it was by my sister, who is probably biased, with us being sisters and all).

It's funny because I was inspired to start my blog because of Tiffany over at Iamstyle-ish. After telling my husband about starting a blog, he was like, "What are you going to call it? Iamfrumpy-ish?"

Haha, very funny.

So anyway, I'm really flattered that Kileen tagged me, and I mean, ALL of my blogger friends (like you!) are so stylish and awesome, so it was really hard for me to pick 3 (only 3!!!) bloggers to pass this award on to.

Linley from Dwelling and Telling - Linley has the most amazing wardrobe and puts together the cutest outfits... AND she does the best belted scarf ever. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's never had a bad hair day in her life.

Ashley from Hudson's Happenings - Ashley is a stay-at-home-mom but you'd never be able to tell. Her outfits are always unique and totally awesome, and she takes the BEST pictures ever.

Kristen from Honestly, Kristen - One of the newest blogs I'm subscribed to, I totally love Kristen's simple yet chic style, and she totally makes me want to start wearing pencil skirts and sheath dresses to work. Plus, her building's doorman calls her "the movie star," and she totally looks like one.

Now go on and tag three more stylish bloggers! :)


  1. thank you for tagging me! that's so sweet! (: an i'm not sure why you've never been called stylish? girl, you definitely have some style! love all your looks!!

  2. I think you are soooo stylish. Shame on your hubby for trying to name your blog Iamfrumpyish. Boo. What a silly guy! You are fabulous!

    Thank you for picking me...I'm seriously flattered! Yippee! :D

  3. oh my gosh!! Kimmie, I can't believe your husband suggested calling your blog "Iamfrumpy-ish"!! I definitely am digging your style.

    i don't know why, but every time I hear the song "like a G6", i now hear "like a cheese stick". I can't un-hear it!

  4. hello lovely! so happy to meet you. congrats on your stylish blogger award...and yes you are stylish (not frumpy-ish at all!)

    i was sucked in the second i saw the words web designer and seattle (i really want to live there some day) and so happy that i stopped by. your blog is bright and it :) can't wait to find lovely inspiration :)


  5. haha, your husband sounds funny. you're far from frumpy! i love your hair in your picture too -- i wish i could get my hair to curl like that! :)

  6. Ahh you totally made my week! Thank you thank you thank you a million times over. My little baby blog hasn't won anything before, so I think this is totally amazing. AND you wrote really nice things about me? Okay...time to tone down the excitement, but THANKS! :)

  7. you are stylish, silly! Or at least, I think so!

  8. Hehe, I love that lace skirt! I've been seeing a lot of bloggers wear one and it looks so versatile... I need to get myself one ASAP!

    PS: Happy one month bloggiversary, dear!


  9. I love ths outfit! It's very basic but all of the pieces come together to make it special! Glad I started following,



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