Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cavities Schmavities

T-shirt: Express
Cowl Sweater: Express
Jeans: Paige Denim
Boots: Steve Madden
Jacket: People's Liberation via Hautelook

At my last dentist appointment two weeks ago, my dentist found two cavities. TWO! I hadn't had cavities since I was little, so I was a little scared going in today to get them filled. While she was filling them, she suggested just going ahead and filling the neighboring tooth as well, since a cavity was forming, and we might as well fill it now while I was all numbed up. UGH. So not fun.

What I don't like about filling cavities is, it's not a very good excuse to get out of housework. I absolutely hated being pregnant and I do hate being sick, but I do love having an excuse "Oh, I can't wash the dishes because I'm pregnant" or "Oh, I can't pour juice for myself because I'm sick." But with filling cavities it's different. I have to go through all this pain and suffering* but I don't feel any sympathy or pity. I had to make my own lunch and husband didn't even bring me any cookies when he should have been waiting on me hand and foot. Oh well.

I can't believe Christmas is in 3 days. I'm not even close to being finished with buying gifts. I still don't know what to get half the people on my list! :(

*Maybe I'm exaggerating a little...


  1. You're cracking me up! I would bring you cookies.. but that is probably not the best thing when you've just had cavities filled!

  2. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture!!

  3. Aw, I feel your pain. I just hate going to the dentist! Now you've got me scared of having cavities. I actually have to go visit my dentist in a few weeks.... someone will be brushing her teeth like a madwoman everyday!


  4. Bummer about the cavities, those are no fun. You cracked me up talking about cookies right after though. Anyway, I love those boots, those are a great color!

  5. Oh, I'm sure I'd find a way to milk it. Not really. I loved being pregnant! "Can you rub my feet for me? I can't reach them!" Not really.

    Love that blue and the cowl.

  6. You are hilarious! I have never had a cavity. And now you've scared me to death...I gotta go brush & floss, now. ;)

  7. oh cavities are the worst! and i agree that they don't buy you any sympathy. and i feel all awkward too cause half of my face is all numb and i talk all funny.

    and i love your jacket!! such a great buy off Hautelook. it fits perfectly!

  8. I think your husband was doing you a favor for not getting you cookies for your cavities! Ouch, I hope I don't get any, I was lucky enough to only have one in a baby tooth that fell out! Good luck shopping!

  9. Aw, hope you feel better! Awesome jacket and Merry Christmas!


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