Friday, December 10, 2010

With you right here, I'm a rocketeer

Tank: Forever 21
Jacket: Macy's
Jeans: AG (Hand-me-downs)
Shoes: Target

I'm wearing skinny jeans again! I'm so proud of myself despite my ankles and the tops of my feet FREEZING today. I wore these flats the last time I wore skinny jeans, and sadly enough, these are one of my only two pairs of flats.. I'm totally lacking a pair of black flats, and have been on the hunt for the longest time, but I have really picky feet and can't seem to find a pair that's comfy, cute and cheap. You would think a pair of black flats would be the simplest thing to find!

I got this little knit military jacket thingy at Macy's in the junior department on clearance for like $8. I was so excited that it was so cheap and cute, and didn't really check it carefully before rushing over to the cashier. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that one of the front buttons was missing (!!)... and it's not like I can go to JoAnn's and buy a matching button. (BTW, why are buttons sooo expensive? srsly!) I went back the next morning and they were out of mediums, so I had to get a small instead. Oh well, still fits, just a little more snug than I'd like. Moral of the story: check to see all your buttons are there before purchasing, especially if it's a super cheap junior brand that doesn't include extra buttons. Or else you'll have to make an extra trip to return it, and they might not have your size anymore.

Oh, and an update on my forgotten phone sitch today, it was safe and sound in my car when I returned in the evening... but now I'm like totally behind on blog reading, since I do most of my reading while on the bus and throughout the day. Sad face.


  1. i kept checking back every hour or so yesterday to see if you got your phone back! i'm glad to hear it was safe and sound in your car. :)

    that jacket is super cute! I can't believe it was only $8. You are, hands down, the hippest, thriftiest mom ever!

  2. love the mix of ruffles with the military style jacket, so cute!

  3. Um, I am IN LOVE with this look and especially your jacket. I need to check out Macys more often, I sed to love their juniors dept.

    I am glad no one took your phone - phew!

  4. SO SO SO cute!!! Love the contrast of ruffles and military. Yay skinny jeans!

    P.S. Totally agree with you on the black flats thing: my beloved pair is now almost four years old and I've been searching for a replacement pair for the past year with no luck. =[

  5. Boo on the buttons!

    I am also on the hunt for black flats--mine are over three years old and wearing holes. Why are black flats so hard to find?!? I actually found ones I wanted last month on Black Friday, but the line was super-long and they weren't really on sale, so I waited until I could go to the store closer to my house, only to find that they didn't have my size. :( One more outlet to check out before I totally give up forever.

  6. Adore!!! You look exactly like I want to look when I'm not in my corporate gear. Are you available for hire? ;)

  7. Very beautifully pieced together. I especially love the jacket and how you've created so much visual interest with neutrals.

  8. Love the tank! I've seen lots of great F21 items on blogs lately. I need to get over my "I'm over 30 and over 1## pounds to shop there" complex. Of course, I can't shop during my 30 for 30, but I may take baby steps when I'm done.

    I recently bought four pairs of flats at the DT Nordstrom Rack. I'm a 7.5/8 but each size seems to have a good selection I think.

  9. @Jill- hahah! Available for hire? That's funny. I barely can dress myself, let alone help others. ;)

  10. So weird...I totally took pictures by Lake Union today too. Well, it was up from the lake in a parking lot but I could see it. Which side were you on?

  11. I take the Dexter exit and I randomly decided to take a left at some Swedish Cultural center today and found myself in a parking lot with a view of the lake.

  12. You rock those skinnies, Kimmie!!!! Hehe. And don't you ove shopping in the junior section! You just gotta be patient and you'll find a gem somewhere, at amazing prices (what! 8$!!). :)


  13. I think you look awesome! Sorry about the freezing ankles though! Something I am not missing...

  14. What a great outfit! I actually like that the jacket is a little shrunken. It adds to the girly feel of the outfit. You look great (despite the freezing ankles).

  15. This outfit is absolutely adorable!! Live the different layers, especially with the ruffles peeking out from under the jacket! So sorry to hear that it's missing a button, but for $8, it's a steal!!

    Oh and very happy you found your phone too! :)

  16. I love that top, the ruffles make everything so fun!


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  17. i think you look great!

    have you thought of possibly trying to replace all the buttons with somtehing you, your mom, or your sister doesn' wear anymore? or going to a thrift store for buttons or even a shirt/jacket with chunky buttons to replace them with? I have always thought about this idea but never did it before.

    Just Better Together

  18. You look super adorable head to toe. i am loving your flats and I'd love/want a pair of flat neutral/beige flats for myself.


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