Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

I don't think I've ever made New Years Resolutions before. I think I just assumed I wouldn't be able to keep them up or I'd just forget completely. Now that I have a blog, it'll be easier to keep myself accountable... I hope. So here we are, my very first New Years Resolutions for 2011!

  1. Cook at least one meal from scratch a week.
    We go out to eat or have food from our parents (yes, we're lucky) A LOT. Or, we'll just cook frozen dumplings or a frozen pizza and call it a meal. We've already started cooking healthy meals more, I just want to keep it up.

  2. Work out at least three times a month.
    Yes, I said MONTH. Also, learn how to use the home CrossFit-type gym that my husband set up.

  3. Compliment at least one person a day.
    This one I stole from Kileen's resolutions. I'm always scared of approaching strangers and telling them how much I like their shoes/purse/coat/hair/makeup.. but I need to get over my fears. I mean, everyone likes compliments, right?

  4. Take at least one photo of my son a day.
    He grows way too fast, and I really want to remember every moment! I started a flickr account for his daily pictures, and since mid-November, I've only missed one day. I want to keep it up!

  5. Learn how to use the manual settings on my camera.
    I complain about my camera, but that's because I use the automatic settings. I know my camera can take good pictures, I just need to learn how to use it properly.

  6. Be more bold in my clothing and accessory choices.
    This is already a work in progress, but I'm still scared of going outside of my comfort zone. In 2011, I want to wear heels to work. I want to wear more color. I want to be a better accessorizer. I want to wear my leather skirt that I LOVE but am too scared to wear. (WHY? I don't know. I'm a wuss.)

  7. Take better care of my body.
    This means, sleeping earlier, drinking more water, eating healthier, taking my vitamins, getting all my check-ups, etc. Basically, what my mom has been telling me for the past 25+ years.

  8. Document my life better.
    I was putting together my 2010 Retrospective yesterday and realized that I don't have very many photos of myself. I'm usually the one behind the camera, and the pictures are usually of my son. I can't even remember what I was doing for half the year, so hopefully this little blog will help with recording my personal achievements and non-baby related stuff.
Okay, the last three items are pretty lame, because they're all subjective. But they ARE things that I'm passionate about working on. So good luck to me, and good luck to you, if you've made resolutions for yourself! :)


  1. I really like these resolutions especially complimenting one person every day. I've never thought to do that, but I am definitely going to give it a try. Positivity is contagious!

  2. great resolutions! and so glad you're also doing the 1 compliment/day resolution! i've started it already and it's actually quite amazing the nice responses you get from people. good luck on your other resolutions. i'm trying to take more photos too to document my life. blogging is such a motivator! :)

  3. love your resolutions!! i'm excited to see more of your pictures and your bold clothing and accessory pieces!! happy new year! (:

  4. Love your resolutions! Definitely helped refresh my memory of things that I should add to my list :)

    #2 and 7, I need to do that as well. Don't you feel the older we get the more we took so many things for granted when we're younger? Ie, having no responsibilities and having more time to take care of ourselves, faster metabolism, losing weight.

    I always feel like I'm in such a rush and never really take the time to smell the roses, so to speak. There are so many stylish people out there that I should stop and take note and definitely compliment them. I think one of the happiest and surprising moments this year was when I received a compliment on my electric blue tights. It literally made my day, so I'm going to reciprocate too.

    I think keeping a blog will help with #8. When I'm out doing things, I need to remember "oooh readers might be interested to see pics of this and that!" At least that's what I'm using to remind myself ;)

    Ok I really ramble way too much. But I hope you had a great start to 2011, Kimmie!

  5. Hi Kimmie,

    I'm new to your blog and it's pretty awesome and personal - it's like I'm getting to know you.

    I really like #3 and #7. I want to compliment people more, but I get worried they'll think I'm just being insincere :/ Scarrry! And 7 just because I don't sleep very well or drink enough water either.

    You're really cute! I like your blog and the light blue background is so pleasant.

  6. these are awesome resolutions! I'm definitely with you on 1, 2 & 3. I eat instant noodles and mcdonald's way too much and really need to start taking better care of myself.

    i hope you had an amazing time ringing in the new year! xo

  7. Sounds good! I am resolving to eat more at home, too. Like you - my mother in law takes us out to eat A LOT. I never turn it down because - hello- free food and no dishes but it probably isn't the best thing for our bodies or family bonding.

  8. Love the resolutions! I've been trying to do #3 this past year, I'm not sure why it's a scary thing to say nice things about people either. It's rewarding when people give you that look like you made their day though.

  9. These are great resolutions! I've been bad at cooking at home lately too, so I might need to borrow your idea to make sure I do it at least once a week! :)

  10. Great Goals!! I totally agree with 3, 4, and 5!

    On complimenting strangers, I, like you, always feel nervous upon approaching someone, but after I do it I always feel instantly better. Plus, it's totally like the circle of love thing or whatever that's called where you do a good deed and then the next person passes it on. You resolution is starting a happy chain! And that is pretty fabulous. :)

  11. What great resolutions!
    I 100% love giving random compliments to people. I think I overdo this sometimes, but I think it is wonderful! I get quite happy when someone compliments me, so I throw them out there anytime I see someone wearing something I like. Go for it!

  12. I absolutely love the resolution to work out three times a month! I think it's so discouraging when you set a resolution for yourself (like working out everyday or whatever it is that I tell myself I'm going to start doing when I get on a self improvement kick), but you know you're not going to have the time or inclination to keep up with it.

    Good luck with your resolutions :)

  13. Oh they are not lame at all! I think I'm doing alright when it comes to work outfits Monday to Friday but weekends, all I got is yoga pants!



    Happy, Happy New Year!


  14. These are great resolutions and they have inspired me to make a few myself! I too usually avoid resolutions for whatever reason but I like the idea of making realistic, small goals that could have great positive effects!

  15. Your twinsies blog with your son is so cute! I like your resolutions. I am totally stealing the make one meal from scratch every week resolution.

  16. Those are big goals, but you can do it and you'll have the blogging community to support you! Happy New Year! I think 2011 should bring a Seattle blogger meet-up what do you think?

  17. Aww- I love these!! Especially the complimenting one- you're so sweet!


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