Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not learning from mistakes

Shirt: Nordstrom BP
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Floral Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: Frye
Belt: Charlotte Russe

Do you guys ever have outfits that look so odd once you photograph them? This totally looked different on me in my head, but oh well. In my head, I thought I was channeling Tieka, but when I look at it in the picture now, it just looks.... like me wearing a floral skirt. Nothing special. Hm... Anyway, I got the skirt at Old Navy over the weekend for $5.. even though the website still says it's $25. And out of the big bag of clothes between my sister and my cousin and I, it was the most expensive item of clothing we bought that day.

So, I left my wallet on the front seat of my car that was sitting in the park & ride this morning, totally by accident (yes, like I would do it on purpose) and didn't realize until I was at my favorite Greek restaurant ordering a pita for lunch (YUM), and I didn't have any money. So, I left work early so I could go retrieve my wallet and work from home the rest of the day. Sound like a familiar story? That's because it is. Gosh, I'm so forgetful sometimes. Thank goodness it was still there when I got back.

Well, I was chatting with my mom while I was eating lunch (my son was still napping so I had to wait until he woke up to go home), and she looked at me and was like, "You sure seem to dress up a lot these days. You know, you're married now, you really don't need to look that nice." Oh, gee thanks, mom.


  1. $5 was the most expensive thing? I need to go shopping with you. I want a cute $5 skirt from Old Navy!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  2. Lol mom's are hilarious. And this outfit looks perfectly adorable - I know what you mean about outfits not photographing well but this one is NOT one of those!

  3. Cute outfit!
    The boots are adorable :D

  4. haha, i can't believe your mom made that comment! how funny. and i'm forgetful too. my bf is always complaining that i'm asking where my cell phone is. :)

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  5. Fantastic Old Navy deal. The skirt just looks darling on you!

    Moms can be a funny breed,no?

  6. hello!

    I found your blog through Jill, of Spoils of a Wear, feature on you. I'm living in Seattle too and thought it was exciting to meet another Seattle fellow blogger, so I thought I'd add you!

  7. You left your wallet on your seat in a park and ride? I work in law enforcement, you are lucky your window wasn't smashed out and your wallet stolen. I think the idea behind a park and ride is awesome but leaving something in sight? ((shudder)).

    Anyway, you look a lot cuter than *just* wearing a floral skirt. Has your mom seen your blog? Mine is always using mine as an excuse to wear something slightly out of the norm, ie "my daughter has a fashion blog". It's pretty cute.

  8. $5 at Old Navy? Fabulous deal!

    And you can dress up for whatever you reason want want, single or married. Silly mom. :)

  9. I think you look lovely in the floral dress, no need to channel anyone else! And what a steal for $5, I love it when that happens! =)

  10. I think you look adorable! I need to check out Charlottle Russe. You've featured some great items by her. Yes, that story sounds familiar. After you did that with your phone, mine blew up. I had to get it restored. Does that mean my wallet will blow up? Good excuse to buy a new one!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  11. HAHAHAH I love what your mom said. I am so worried I'm going to be that woman that just lets myself goooooo when I'm in a relationship! Let's hope not.

    I am glad your wallet was safe and sound. My boyfriend thinks I'm pretty retarded for leaving my stuff on my seat. He always reminds me his mom forgot something on the seat and someone stole everything in the car! Scary!

    I think if we knew each other, we would be the best shopping buddies in the world!! I think you already know I have a crush on your boots collection. I need to know where you got your Frye boots! I tried them on before and it felt like walking on air! They're so damn expensive though :(

  12. Im loving this outfit but know exactly what you mean when outfits come out completely differently to how you pictured them in your head!

    Hahah and i love what your mum said! Hilarious!

    I love your blog and im a new follower x

  13. sounds like you and your sister were very successful!!! wow.

  14. What a great deal... I just saw that yesterday at Old Navy, but passed it by because my closet is already filled to the brim. (I did pick up a few other things though). Now seeing how cute you look, I'm totally regretting that non-buy!

  15. I can't wrap my head around the fact that your $5 skirt was the most expensive thing that you guys bought. Impressive!

    Your mom is hilarious! LOL!

  16. Too funny! That is such a mom comment to make :)

    Forget the budget post...I think you need to spend more time detailing your sneaky shopping methods for those of us who don't have your talent!

  17. I can't believe I just now found your blog. So cute! And I think this skirt is super adorable.

  18. you should give yourself more credit, I think this outfit looks REALLY cute :) great post!


  19. HAHAHA. Your mom cracks me up. Sure, we don't NEED to look this nice, but we WANT to- if not only for ourselves, I'm sure the husbands don't mind the occasional day in sweatpants when it's not EVERY DAY, anymore. :)

  20. I love that your mom said that. Have I just not been paying attention or have you been hiding those boots from us?

  21. Asian moms... LMAO. I totally understand where she's coming from although I COMPLETELY disagree. Just cuz you're married, you don't have to give away your life, including caring about how you look.

  22. haha, my dad always asks me where I'm going... "Dad, I don't have to be going somewhere special to wear a pretty dress." So funny that your mom said that.

    And thank goodness your wallet was still there! I would have been FREAKING OUT.

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