Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Underground

Grey T: Old Navy
Sweater: Thrifted (orig. H&M)
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Target

The weather outside sucks. The thought of leaving the warm and dry office to go outside and take outfit pictures just makes me cringe. So, I decided to do a little exploring in our office building yesterday. There's not much, since it's a small 5-story building with no rooftop access, and pretty much the only semi-secluded places I could find were the stairwells.. but then they had such weird striped lighting (since light was coming from under the stairs). Out of options, I decided to go one story below the parking level and found this little walkway.

It reminded me of those scary movies with the long hallways in those psych wards and there's a bad guy chasing after you. Or like those bad dreams where you're walking down a never-ending hallway. But for a picture location it was perfect: decent lighting, a place to set my camera (a hollow brick just chillin' by itself), and it was secluded, since no one comes down here (I think). Best of all, I can just pop down here in the middle of my workday and snap a few photos, and then be back up at my desk within 5 minutes. I do prefer outdoor pictures, but those just take forever and require me to freeze my butt off, so this will have to do in the winter months.

I'm starting to think about what to put aside for my 30 items for the 30 for 30 Challenge. Any tips on what I should include/not include?


  1. Looks like a perfect spot! Taking outfit photos in the winter can be such a pain, especially with work during maximum sunny hours.

    Cute sweater too. I like the proportions you have going on here.

  2. Love it! Shows off your outfit very well. And I definitely think you'll need to come back for Halloween for a straight-jacket shoot ;)


  3. This IS a scary hall way.

    I think you should include a "fun" piece that doesn't get worn very often :)

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  4. ok you may not think that hallway is all that interesting... but I LOVE it. I wish I could find something like this! Incredible. And this outfit is so great. It look so comfy and wonderful. I love that sweater!

    And the more talk I hear about the 30for30 the more I keep contemplating doing it after all... siiiigh.

    My advice is pick piece you really like wearing. You'll enjoy it much much more if you love the things you are wearing for a month straight. And make sure to consider the weather all the way to the end of the challenge. I made the mistake last time of not considering the change in weather... and it was horribly cold near the end and I had NO long sleeves. It was unfortunate.

  5. oh, glad you found this hallway! it looks like a great place to snap photos - and pretty secluded (which is always a winner in my book!). that sweater - what a great find! love the boots too!

    as for the 30 items... i'm still racking my brain as well!

  6. I give you major props for scouting outfit photo locations at the office. That's dedication, lady! :)

    You look great. I love those gray boots! And I can't wait to see you rock the 30x30.

  7. Oh my gosh! Love this outfit! Love the layers! And the boots! :)

    Better Than A Milk Mustache

  8. I love this location! I don't blame you for wanting to find an indoor option. I can't handle the cold and have resorted to only indoor photos for the last few weeks!!!

  9. As I was looking at your pics, I was honestly sitting here thinking that the location looked a little the serial killer lurking in the shadows sort of way. And then you said that very thing. HA!

    I love your outfit, though. You look like a little model in your skinnies and cute boots. :)

  10. I'd love to take outdoors pictures too, but it's way too cold. When it's -20 degrees outside, I think it's better to stay inside to take the pics. :)

    I love this outfit, it's really cute. The boots are gorgeous and they seem to be pretty versatile. I think you should include them to your challenge! :>


  11. oooh, this hallway is kinda creepy! but you can't beat convenience. :)

    and definitely include a fun piece in your 30x30 mix. it's like a wild card that will come in handy when you're bored looking at the same things.

    cute and little

  12. I think it's quite nice to find such a hallway! Better than my bathroom pictures.

    I like the knit sweater! The white buttons make it super cute!

    I'm doing winter 30 for 30 also! It'll be my first time! Since it's winter, I think you can't go wrong with boots boots boottss!

  13. oh how I adore this outfit! looks so comfy and stylish all at the same time! Your blog is delightful! So glad I found it!

  14. oof, the winter 30for30! i'm not sure if i'll be able to get my life togehter in time to do it, and that idea makes me sad! i'll def be following yours, though :)

  15. hallway: thumbs-up. two, actually. a GREAT photo shoot spot. annnnnd...i'm loving the color, length, and cable-knitness of your sweater. seriously.

  16. That is such a cool place to take your pictures! The lighting is good too, I love it.

    And I'm looking forward to seeing your 30 for 30! I decided against doing it this time, it just seemed too soon to neglect a big part of my closet again. But if I were to give tips I'd say just include one pair of jeans, and one pair each of flats, boots, and heels. The more tops you have the easier it seems.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  17. Your sweater is so cute, love the color.

  18. Love the sweater!

    As far as 30x30 pieces go, I'd recommend enough layering pieces...and make sure you take into account what you might need for work. I have to make sure most of my items can be remixed into a work outfit, since that's where a majority of my outfits are going. Boring, but necessary :)

  19. I LOVVE your pics! I haven't heard of the 30 for 30 challenge? Maybe it's something that i need to look into?

    xoxo Rachel @

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