Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Forest

[30 for 30: Outfit 16]
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: Old Navy
Belt: thrifted
Oxfords: Target

Did you guys miss me yesterday? If you want to see some pictures of my outfit (and baby P), click over to Sorren's blog where we did our blog swap yesterday! :)

Today's pictures were taken in the Seattle Center Fun Forest, the recently closed-down kiddie ride area right next to the Space Needle. I actually walked by the day after it closed (January 2nd) and was thinking "huh, weird. No kids on the rides today"... not that there were that many kids riding them to begin with... it's been pretty desolate for the last few years. I still remember the Fun Forest from when I was a kid, and going to Seattle Center and eating hot dogs and cotton candy (my favorite!!!) and it's just a little sad that they're tearing everything down.

I wish today's pictures turned out better, but between the sun breaks (I love the sun, except for when I'm taking pictures outside), the high schoolers and tourists walking by, and the construction workers taking their smoke breaks, I had to hurry my pictures and half of them, my shirt was tucked funny and I was extra slouchy, and the other half of them my hair was blowing in my face. Oh well.

On my way back to the office, I stopped by the Center House (building inside Seattle Center with the food court) because I was freezing my fingers off and wanted something warm to drink from Starbucks, and I was SOOOO close to buying a cotton candy... but had to stop myself, because one, I hate getting my fingers sticky, and two, I wouldn't want to explain why I was at Seattle Center to my co-workers. "Uh, yeah... I was just doing some sight-seeing and taking pictures of myself for my vain little blog." I'm sure they would think I'm a weirdo.


  1. Ha! Well I love this outfit AND the backdrop and am so glad you squeezed it in :) I want a Fun Forest!

  2. Love that skirt on you! And the pics look great. One time a coworker drove by my friend snappin a pic of me on my lunch break. I'm officially the weirdo at work now. Oh small town that's never heard of a blog, why do you hate me so!? haha

  3. it's tragic they're tearing everything down :(

    I love the floral shirt with the purple skirt, I may have ry a variation of that with mine!

  4. That sounds like such a fun place! How sad that it holds so many memories for you and it's being torn down. :(

    That skirt is fantastic on you! I really don't think anyone would think you were a weirdo. You're not. And you're not vain either!

  5. I really like that skirt. It is such a fantastic color on you. Also the background for these pictures is amazing.


  6. I have that skirt, too, and it's part of my 30/30! Great location for your pictures - awesome job.

  7. I agree with Monkeyface; I love your outfit and the background is amazing! You definitely should sneak in there again sometime. I'm loving the brown and the fuchsia pairing, and the patterned neutral top with it all is great.

  8. Wow, for someone who was complaining about not knowing what to wear on twitter last night you totally created yourself an amazing outfit!! I love the purple skirt and Fun Forest looks like a good time!

    cute and little

  9. isn't stopping by for cotton candy a justify excuse =P

    Just Better Together

  10. I love the color of your skirt! And the oxfords are very cute!

    Complex Cardigans

  11. The goofy hair tuck gets me every time...I swear, I don't understand how I can think my hair looks fine in the mirror, but the minute a camera is involved, all bets are off!

    I love the backdrop today :)

  12. I'm so sad! I had no idea that closed down. :(

    I don't tell co-workers about my blog either - I'm afraid I'll come across super-vain. But I don't think that about anyone else I follow. I love seeing what you're wearing!


  13. Did you plan to take pictures at the Fun Forest today to match the colors of your outfit? If so, brilliant!

  14. Kinda looks like Coney Islands doesn't it? Love the floral shirt over that raspberry skirt - it's a fun combination!

    p.s. Kimmie, can you please e-mail me your address?



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    Twenty York Street

  15. cute cute! i love your skirt girl! and how you paired it with the black tights and oxfords! i went to target and didn't find those shoes, i'll have to look at another one! i want a pair hehe!!

  16. I want to go to the Fun Forest. :) Your skirt is so punchy and fun with the location! Love that. Rochelle got me some oxfords! I've never owned any. I'm sooo excited!

  17. i think your pictures look great!! i love the fun location and your outfit is super cute. :)

  18. I love that skirt. it's sad when something from your childhood falls into disrepair and then ends up being done away with. And those pictures from my shoot last week with the windows the whole time I was just hoping no one from the conference i was just at came walking out of the back door because I don't want to have to explain what I was doing!! AWKWARD!

  19. Great photos! The feel of the picture and the way that you described your visit to a childhood memory all goes together. The colors gives it a romantic touch to it. I really like this combination. Great writing, great outfit:-)

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