Thursday, June 30, 2011

From a stranger's driveway

[Summer 30 for 30: Outfit 7]
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Karen Kane
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Kenneth Cole

I obviously do not know how to hold a bag without looking like I'm about to punch myself. Just call me awkward hands mcgee.

Husband and I drove up to the top of a hill the other day in search for a good photo location, which is rare given that he usually hates taking my pictures for me (and I kind of hate it too but it saves me so much time fumbling with the tripod). We found this grassy section between two houses that had sidewalks down both sides, and we were confused if they were somebody's property or not.

I'm pretty sure we were standing on the road, but husband insisted that it was somebody's driveway. I'm not sure though. Either way, how awesome would it be to have a view like this from your driveway? The buildings you see far in the distance? That's downtown Seattle, but we're looking at it from the south instead of the east.


  1. Kimmie, that is a cute skirt. What a beautiful view that is. 

  2. The view is amazing, so lush and green! Love the floral mixed with the dark top.

  3. Love the KK skirt!! It is so pretty. Gorgeous view, too!

  4. Love your skirt so much..and you totally don't look like you don't know how to hold a bag haha super cute!

    Hope you will check out my new post :)


  5. That's a gorgeous view!

    I love your skirt, it's so flowy and pretty!

  6. That would be a gorgeous view! Sometimes when you see something that pretty everyday you get used to it after a while though, it's a shame.

    You always make me smile with your stories and your quests to always find a fresh picture taking spot :)

  7. meh, I tend to do the purse-hand-face-punching pose too. It's just the way it works I guess ;)

    You look so lovely here. So girly and pretty. Really love that skirt!

  8. Celeste AlphabetsoupJune 30, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    haha i know what you mean, my roomie takes my pics sometimes for me...and i dont think she likes it very much...but hey thats what best friends are for :] haha

    AlphabetSoup Style 

  9. I love that skirt...such a gorgeous pattern! And I think that as long as no one came out of the house and told you to get off of their lawn (or driveway, in this case...), it's a free space :)

  10. Great view!  Your husband is so nice to take pictures for you!  Hehehe. I bet it's like an adventure to find a good spot!  

  11. That really IS an amazing view! I would LOVE to have that driveway! :) and your skirt is just lovely, Kimmie! The print is super cute!

  12. i love how you balanced out the floral/girly skirt with that basic grey top ;)

  13. Dear Awkward Hands McGee ;) I never noticed that you looked like you were about to punch yourself - funny how we see things about ourselves that others don't. On a different note, I would love a view like that! I really like how you paired a light floral with a dark top. I wouldn't have thought of that! Love it!

  14. wow that's a really beautiful view. And this outfit is really cute. I laughed SO hard at the punch in the face comment. So.Funny.

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