Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So creative

[Summer 30 for 30: Outfit 20]
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Bracelet: Forever 21
Necklace: Towne and Reese (giveaway win from Laura)

I've had this post sitting in my "drafts" for a few days now, but I have nothing to say about my outfit, except that I wore it. I'm also wearing this exact outfit today, except with a cardigan and different accessories. That's how creative I am.

And because I have nothing else to talk about, my boss needed help getting some paperwork out of a jammed file cabinet yesterday, so I stuck my hand in there to free up the jammed paper, and it got stuck. Good thing nobody saw me because it would have been pretty embarrassing. I stayed calm instead of freaking out and crying, and eventually got my hand out, which survived with only a cut. I put a band-aid on it. The end.


  1. Oo. I would be really scared if my hands got stuck. I think that printers get really hot, and then you might burn your hand.

    Cute outfit. I love those style skirts.. I think they're called paper bag skirts, or I think I read that somewhere. Either way, your outfit is simple but cute. :)

  2. Aw, poor Kimmie! That sounds scary, actually. I would've gotten upset.

    I think you look adorable, I love the skirt!

  3. haha sometimes i get writer's block too. aside from "this is my outfit. the end." there's nothing else i really have to say so i feel ya.

    also, hilarious story about your hand getting stuck! good thing you remained calm...meanwhile i would have called the fire department, lolol.

  4. Workers' comp! :)
    I cut myself with a rusty x-acto knife one of my first days of work. My boss sent me to the ER. I survived.

    I love the statement necklace and the pop of color at your wrist. I would totally wear this outfit, well, maybe except for the top (which I love, but sleeves like that make me look like a linebacker in a cute top).

  5. Paper bag waist skirts is what I've been calling them. I know there are some
    other terms out there as well.

    I actually got my hand stuck in a metal file cabinet, not a printer, thank
    goodness! Being stuck in a printer would be scary!

  6. That skirt is great!  The necklace matches so nicely!

    Glad a cut was all that happened!!

  7. I'm stealing this skirt from you ASAP.

  8. THAT WAS A HAIR-RAISING STORY, Kimmie.  Don't sell yourself short.  Also throwing a cardigan on totally makes a new outfit IMO.  And I wouldn't know what to talk about if I looked plain adorable, either.  

  9. I KNOW, RIGHT? I should quit this blog and write a suspense thriller ASAP.

    Oh, and right after I posted these pictures, I couldn't help but recall your post from a few days ago Re: looking like a man. Why do bows need to look so suspiciously like man-parts? :(

  10. I know, right? It was only a small cut though, and I only had like two droplets of blood, not really "workers comp" kind of stuff.

    I totally feel like a linebacker when I wear those puffy-sleeved shirts :(

  11. Love the skirt AND the neck piece! it gave an extra oomph to your outfit!


  12. Haha, it wasn't THAT bad. It was only stuck for like half a minute.. not an eternity. More embarrassing than scary... probably because it was the bottom most drawer and I was squatting on the ground trying not to expose myself with my short skirt on. :(

  13. I completely agree, throw a new piece in the mix and you've created a whole new outfit, so you are super creative. And that cabinet thing would be scary, I think I would have kept quiet too but my body temp would have raised from stress, then I someone would have walked by (because I'm not as lucky as you) and seen sweaty, silly me all jammed in the cabinet. I'm nervous just thinking about it.

  14. Hahaha I have definitely ruined floppy bow-front bottoms for me forever, sorry if I've done the same for you.  But this one is nice and neat and very obviously a bow, so no man-part worries :)

  15. Beautiful skirt!


  16. You could possibly talk about that amazing necklace. I will be clicking on the link in 4, 3, 2, 1...

  17. omg. I'm so impressed you didn't freak out. I can't stand getting caught in things (and yet I always seem to get myself in a bind of some sort).

    I like the paper bag skirt!


  18. no need to say much about this outfit becaus eit is super cute :) and glad your hand is ok...i would've been freaking out if i was you!!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  19. So glad you got your hand out with minimal damage! And the TR necklace looks great on you :)

  20. See, you should have at least had a minor freak out, so you could have shared the story with us. Think of the blog, Kimmie! :)

    And even though you don't think the outfit is super creative, I love it. That skirt is great, and it's a really perfect summer-type combination.

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