Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's a sock in my hair

Top: NY&Co (thrifted)
Dress as a skirt: Target (thrifted)
Blazer: Banana Republic
Belt: Target
Shoes: Tribeca via Nordstrom

This polka-dot dress is a little too short to be worn on its own without tights, so I decided to wear it as a skirt by folding down the top (the back is shirred elastic) and put a belt over it. It still kind of looked funny so I tried to keep my blazer on for the majority of the day. When I get my sewing machine back from my mom, I think I'm going to convert it into a skirt because I'd get way more use out of a skirt than a strapless and too-short dress.

It's annoying when I have my sewing machine sitting on the floor of my room collecting dust for 6 months, then once my mom borrows it, all the sudden I have so many things that need to be sewn.

Also, I followed The Other Emily's sock-bun tutorial. Not really used to wearing my hair in a bun (too ballerina, especially working so close to the Pacific Northwest Ballet and seeing professional ballerinas in their buns all the time, I feel like a fraud) but it was nice change, though I was not really a big fan of it. At least I tried something different!


  1. Pam_at_SundayDreamingSeptember 1, 2011 at 5:58 AM

    I totally tried the sock bun the other day after seeing that same video! My hair isn't long enough, though, so it didn't come out as I would have liked. I am glad you had sock bun success!


  2. I recently discovered the sock-bun tutorial it and it's so easy!!  : )

  3. I love your bun! It looks fantastic, especially with your bangs. And I never would have guessed that skirt was a dress. It's so cute!

    North Meets South

  4. I love this with the blazer! So chic!

  5. OMG, that sock-bun is awesome! My hair is so fine, my buns come out tiny and sad. Hope this method works for me.

    Love this outfit... the white blazer with the pink top and polka dots are so chic and fresh.

  6. I live really close to the Pacific North West ballet, and am ALWAYS admiring their perfect hair. They must have some sort of secret. Your's looks gorgeous :).


  7. I LOVE your sock bun (I wish I could wear one...but my hurrr's too short). How cool (and intimidating) to be able to see ballerinas all the time. I would sit outside their studio and eat cheeseburgers to make them jealous.

  8. I think you look pretty in your bun! And your polka dots.


  9. Love your hair like that! and wow would have never believed that was a dress unless you linked to your previous post.  Great job!

  10. Justine @ Just Better TogetherSeptember 1, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    I REALLY like that dress/skirt! I WANT SOMETHING WITH DOTS!!! 

  11. I wish my hair were long enough to have tried the sock bun video.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it--so genius.  She also just did a tutorial on turning a dress into a skirt.  I agree that you'll probably get a lot more use out of it as a skirt.  So cute, I love the polka dots paired with pink!

  12. your bun looks perfect!!  i use a sock for a bun too when i don't feel like teasing my hair too.  and i'm loving the polka-dot dress worn as a skirt -- definitely convert to a skirt imho!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  13. I've seen the sock tutorial over at Emily's and messed around with it a bit and got it to work with my hair.  I'm going to incorporate it more into my daily hairstyles, but in a lower bun closer to my neck (I think it be less ballerina-ish).  Your outfit is darling today!

  14. Aw, that's too bad! :( Emily's hair is pretty short so I was amazed that she was able to get it into a bun like that! I had so much hair that i had to wrap it around a couple of times.

  15. I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine for something other than draw-string bags and tea towels. :) I love the polka dots, and the bun!

  16. So cute, Kimmie! The navy polka dots and white blazer with pop of berry
    is a sweet combination. I also love how you wore the dress previously.
    And yay, for sock buns! I've worn my hair like that a few times since I
    saw the tutorial and pinned it on pinterest.

    Wearing motherhood with style.

  17. Whut!? You so can't even tell this is a dress-tucked-as-skirt. Cuteness!

    "It's annoying when I have my sewing machine sitting on the floor of my room collecting dust for 6 months, then once my mom borrows it, all the sudden I have so many things that need to be sewn. " - lolz

  18. One, love the bun! I don't really have enough hair to pull off something like this, but I love looking at the pretty on other people :)

    Two, gorgeous skirt. I really, really love the idea of converting an adorable, but too short, dress into a skirt. I kind of want to try it now...

  19. The more I look at this skirt, the more I want to come over and *borrow* it from you!  

  20. I think Emily was the only one who had been there before! It's a cute place. Hope you can make it out next time!!hrt


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