Monday, September 12, 2011

Window Shopping: By Malene Birger

With NYFW coming to a close, I'll admit I'm not that big of a high fashion follower, but I do love learning about new designers and runway trends. It's fun to see wacky get-ups and scoff that no normal person could pull off something so outrageous, but then a few months later, that particular trend is all the place, and... hey, it actually looks kind of good!

My knowledge of high-end designers usually consists of what the latest celebs are wearing on the red carpet and the occasional flip through fashion magazines, so in other words, I'm not very knowledgeable AT ALL. But, I was recently introduced to the brand By Malene Birger, and am in love with the simple and classic shapes that they create. A lot of the pieces can be worn year after year in designs that never go out of style. A high quality line of clothes that is totally wearable!

For the fall season, By Malene Birger has a ton of soft angora sweaters, drapey knit capes and classy leather. Here are a few of my favorites picks:

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  1. Angora ad cashmere - they're up there in my top list of things to love about autumn/winter!

  2. The sweater with the elbow patches is KILLING me with its cuteness!!

  3. wow, what gorgeous choices!! Love the herringbone jacket!!!


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