Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not a liar

Shirt: Loft
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: AG
Flats: Target

Well, that didn't last long. It only took me a week to decide that I didn't really like bangs and now I'm over it. Good thing mine were cut longer, so I'm able to sweep them to the side, and that's where they're going to be from here on out. I'm just glad I got to try them out, even if it was only for a few days. Otherwise, I'd still be sitting here thinking about whether I should cut them or not.

I grabbed lunch today with Emily of Bright Tights and Cloudy City, for $1 sushi plates (cheap date!) which was lots of fun. I was prepared to take outfit pictures on my way back to the office, but I forgot my memory card, so I had to take these after I got home. I was tempted to change into a cuter outfit, or at least cute shoes just for pictures, but that would be undermining the whole point of having a blog to document my outfits... because isn't that the point- to show what us real people are wearing to do regular everyday stuff?

Plus, Emily would probably call me out on being a liar, and I wouldn't want that.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Cardigan: Old Navy
Cargo pants: Old Navy
Oxfords: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

I have been going back and forth between deciding whether or not to install the Disqus commenting system. On one hand, it really annoys me when Disqus doesn't load properly on blogs that I visit and I have to refresh the page a few times (seems to happen pretty frequently), or doesn't load at all... but on the other hand, I hate how Blogger doesn't let you respond to comments.. like, if someone asks a question, I never know what to do. Should I email the person back? Or should I go comment on their blog? Or should I respond within the comments, even though I doubt they're going to come back to read it? What if someone else has the same question and they wouldn't know my answer because I sent the first person an email?

After some urging from my friends, I decided to take the plunge and install Disqus yesterday. If you don't have a Disqus account, I highly urge you to sign up for an account, it makes commenting on Disqus-enabled blogs so much easier!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seattle blogger meet-up photos

I mentioned Monday that we had a Seattle blogger meet-up over the weekend, and Lindsay (who undoubtedly had the nicest camera) was finally able to send us the photos today after a delay due to an unfortunate cheese slicing accident. While I look like a dork for most the photos, it was so much fun.

We were sad that a couple of the bloggers we've been emailing back and forth with couldn't make it (so sad, Jen, Jenn, Teal and Julie!) so hopefully the next time around we'll all be able to make it! If you are in the Seattle area and are interested in joining us, shoot one of us an email, and we'll make sure you get on "the list" ;)

From L to R: Lindsay, me, Amber Lena, Andrea, Emily and Liz

Our attempted "pigeon-toe" stance

Pigeon toe + Serious face (which many of us failed at)

Can't wait 'til next time! :)

Almost caught

Ruffle button-down: Forever 21
Jeggings: Target
Boots: Steve Madden
Belt: Thrifted

You know what would freak me out more than random strangers catching me take my photos? People I know catching me take my photos.

I was wandering around Seattle Center yesterday, taking a few test shots here and there and walking around to scout out a new location when I look up and see two guys walking towards me. From a distance, one of them looks kind of like my co-worker.. and wait, the other one does too. They confirm my suspicion as they yell out "Hey Kimmie!!!" and I managed a weak wave back.

If they had been 20 seconds earlier, they would have seen me propping up my camera on a ledge and and posing while the self-timer went off. Thank goodness I had already decided I didn't like the background, and had my camera safely stuffed inside my bag. I thought Seattle Center would be a co-worker-free zone, but apparently not!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kind of awesome

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Zac Posen for Target
Boots: Steve Madden
Flower pin & necklace: gift from Amber Lena

Saturday night, I met up with a couple pretty awesome Seattle-area bloggers for drinks and happy hour. It was seriously so awesome to be able to finally meet some of the bloggers that I love, and they were all so awesome in person. I mean, I knew they'd be cool from reading their blogs, but they were even more cooler in person, if that's even possible.

Anyway, Amber Lena was so sweet to make each of us flower pins and necklaces (green beads to signify the Emerald City!) and we planned to all wear them and post pictures today. So check out the ways the other awesome Seattle bloggers rocked their flowers!

Lindsay from Lindsay Living
Liz from Lizzy Punch

And... I'm having trouble thinking of synonyms for "awesome" other than "cool." What's wrong with me?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More bad weather, please

Ruffle tank: Forever 21
Cardigan: The Limited
Jeans: J. Brand
Oxfords: Target

I finally got my camera back from being repaired, and what did I do? I went back to the exact same spot where my camera made its deadly tumble to take pictures. Not too smart of me, but at least I didn't perch the camera on the edge of the table, and made sure it was positioned steadily. I just really like the location, and I have to take advantage of how empty the Seattle Center is these days with the gloomy weather.

In some ways, I'm kind of dreading the coming spring, because nice weather = lots of people. Tourists, field trips, and family excursions mean that it will be difficult to find places to take my photos without being seen. Also, since I take my pictures around noon, having the sun out is going to be a problem. Spring also means that I'm going to want to wear skirts and blind you with how pale my legs are.

The weather was actually really nice and sunny yesterday, but I was wearing a skirt, tights, and boots and felt super overdressed. My co-workers were all wearing t-shirts and shorts. It's still March! I want to wear my tights and boots for another few weeks. :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jumping on the bangwagon

Shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: Paige Denim
Flats: Target
Necklace: Anirtak

Recently, it seems like everyone is getting bangs... or at least a lot of the bloggers I follow are, like Lydia, Liz, Jenn, Sydney and Sandy have all recently switched up their hairstyles and gotten bangs. If all the bloggers I followed started wearing striped shirts, I'd probably go out and buy one, too. Oh wait...

Before this blog, I didn't care much for bangs (or striped shirts) but now I'm kind of in love. I'm not sure about my bangs yet, and my stylist cut them so I could easily side-sweep them if I wanted to. They don't really fall correctly just yet, hopefully in a couple days they'll look more natural.

And about this shirt, I mentioned when I was doing the 30 for 30 that I found a shirt that I liked, but because of the shopping ban, I couldn't buy it. When the shopping ban was over, I kind of forgot about it, but happened to stop by the mall one day and they still had one more left in my size! Bonus was that it was marked down even more. Yay!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need a new alarm clock

Sweater: Target
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Target

This outfit is nothing spectacular, but I woke up super late this morning due to baby P waking up at 4am thinking it was morning... then going back to sleep and not waking up on time. Yes, my son is my alarm clock, so if his schedule is off, so is mine.

I guess I could have accessorized more, but since I was running late (I emailed my team to let them know, but I still got in about an hour later than usual), I didn't want to look like I put too much effort into dressing this morning. Is that stupid? If I tell them I'm running late, then stroll in with perfect hair and outfit, they'll assume I'm only late because I spent too much time getting ready. If I come in looking like I just rolled out of bed, it'd be more believable. Thus, the messy hair and slouchy sweater.

I bought my own domain today and switched over my blog to I lost my Alexa ranking, which makes me sad, but I'd rather do the switch sooner than later. Everything should redirect automatically, and I'm still in the process of smoothing out some kinks, but if something is broken, please let me know! :)

And in other news, I'm getting my camera back tomorrow... or at least FedEx says so. Yipee!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Copying Inspiration

Shirt: Target
Belt: J. Crew
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Everything in this outfit is brand new, as in, I had to cut off a lot of tags this morning. I love it when I get to do that. These jeans are the same ones that I had in my wish list the other day, and after a trip to the mall this past weekend, they are NOW MINE, and for only for $14 after the Give and Get coupon.

I had bookmarked a post that Andrea had up at the beginning of the year, where she her outfit was inspired by a spread in Redbook magazine and I decided I'd try this look out. I didn't think the belt matched very much, but I wanted to stay true to the inspiration. I also couldn't really achieve the mile-long legs the model is sporting, but at least I tried.

My new Target sandals are awesome, and they make me super tall, and pretty comfortable! I loved them the second I saw them on Elaine, but never thought I'd be able to pull them off. Last week, I found them on clearance for $10, so I thought, why not?

I would have taken a few more pictures so you could see the shoes and new jeans better, but a random couple decided to crash my self-picture session by getting out of their car and standing 5 feet away from me to survey the park, so I gave up after only taking 5 photos. Lame.

It's okay though, I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these jeans and shoes A LOT more in the near future. :)

Happy Monday!

Redbook mag photo credit: Peanut Butter Hand Print :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still looking

denim shirt: Walmart
skirt: J. Crew

My hunt for the perfect denim or chambray shirt has been pretty unsuccessful so far. I put back not one, but TWO perfectly good (and totally cute and MY SIZE) chambray shirts at H&M and the BR factory store because I thought they were "too expensive" at the time (they were $15 and $20, respectively). Now, I'd do anything to go back and snatch them up. I bought and returned a Target chambray shirt, and tried on multitudes of others but haven't found one that I love just yet.

When Mandi posted the other day about a denim shirt from Walmart for only $1, I immediately made plans to stop by the next day to see if they had any left. Luckily, there were still a few left in the clearance racks, and for $1, I couldn't NOT buy it. It's totally cute and fits well, but the problem is the distressing. Normally, I don't mind a bit of distressing, but this shirt is just trying too hard. The "distressing" looks so fake and so unnatural, like little rectangular fraying patches all over the back. WEIRD. But hey, it was only a dollar, I can't complain.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm still here

Hi guys! I'm still alive.

I promise I had planned on taking outfit photos at work, but I had all-day meetings on Friday, and then a long shopping trip during my lunch break on Monday (mostly just me taking too long at J. Crew trying to decide between the pink or toffee cotton bell skirt) left me no time to take pictures. Then, my son got sick, and I took Tuesday and today (Thursday) off to stay home with him (I already had Wednesday off), and I've just been wearing ugly pajamas all day long... ugly pajamas that I have to keep changing because my son is barf vader. Not exactly blog material.

And then on top of that, I'm just feeling a little insensitive for posting about silly stuff like what I'm wearing when there's thousands of people in Japan who have lost loved ones, their homes and everything they own. I can't even fathom what they are going through, as I sit here and complain about getting baby puke on my clothes.

Since I don't have any outfits to post, I thought I'd do a "What I want" kind of post. I thought I was doing pretty good about only shopping for stuff on my list, but then I looked back at the purchases I made this month so far, and um.. I haven't been that good. So if my budget was not an issue, these would be mine. RIGHT NOW.

1. Target Mossimo messenger bag in olive (34.99) - because I can't afford the Proenza Schouler version
2. UO suede pump in nude ($49) - as much as I want the red Kendi version, I think the nude would be a better option for me.
3. J. Crew I heart chambray shirt ($98) - how cute is the heart pocket? GIMME.
4. Express pleated stretch cotton shorts ($44.90) - I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black shorts. These are pretty darn close.
5. Old Navy Skinny flared trouser jeans ($34.50) - I want a pair of super flared trouser jeans and this Old Navy pair looks promising. I just need to try them on... and then wait for their super clearance sale.

What's on your list right now?

PS. I did a little blog makeover, I was getting sick of my old layout. And I have a new blog just for my blog design clients here. I'm not finished with everything yet, so please be patient! thanks a million.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 embarrassing things

I was tagged by Katrina to share 15 embarrassing things about me awhile ago, and I never got around to it. Also, I was also tagged by Linley and Sorren even LONGER ago to do a "7 childhood things" post that I never put up, so I'll just have to combine them, which explains all the super random childhood photos that have nothing to do with anything :)

1. I have a scar right between my eyes from when I was three and fell off the seat in a movie theater and had to get stitches. Wasn't a very smart kid.

2. I have a bad habit where I must get my Google Reader down to 0 unread posts before I go to bed. Sometimes, I have to force myself to leave my phone in the bathroom so I don't lay in bed reading blogs until 2am.

3. I'm tone-deaf and have no musical talents whatsoever. I took piano lessons for a big majority of my childhood and I've forgotten it all, I don't even remember how to read sheet music, and playing with more than one finger at a time? Forget about it. I can't sing either. Music just isn't in my genes.

4. I cry really easily in movies and TV shows. I always have to bring tissues to the movie theatres or else I'll be wiping my tears and snot with greasy popcorn napkins or my sleeves, which is not exactly cool.

5. According to social standards I probably have bad personal hygiene because I don't shower every day. I know, gross, right? But I don't sweat (even when working out, but I do shower after the gym), and I don't stink (I think?), and I don't think I get that dirty doing everyday stuff. I don't mind the act of showering, it's stepping out of the shower into a cold bathroom that I dislike, as well as having wet hair. I like to call it conserving water.

6. People littering or wasting resources really REALLY bugs me. I can't stand it when I see recyclables in the trash can, or when people keep the water running while they're brushing their teeth, or use excessive paper towels. Embarrassing fact: The paper towels I use to dry my hands at work? I take them home with me to wipe up spills on the floor (happens a lot when you have a toddler). Not the restroom paper towels though, those I use to open the door and then throw away. It's not gross when all that's on the paper towel is water.

7. I'm addicted to sugar. My meal is not complete until I have something sweet afterwards. I love candy too much, and don't even get me started about maple bars. YUM. I worked at a candy store for a few years in high school/college and it was the BEST JOB EVER, aka, I got a free pound of candy every week.

8. I'm not very funny. I'm actually pretty awkward in person. I always think of that witty comeback about 20 seconds too late, and then I just don't even bother. My brain works too slow to be funny.

9. I had a really low GPA in college because I took a bunch of hard classes that I hated and did horribly at (Physics? Chem? Math? UGH.) I didn't even bother trying to take any classes in stuff that interested me (graphic design) because I knew the program was competitive and I convinced myself I'd never get in. I graduated with an Econ major because it had the fewest requirements, no competition, and allowed me to graduate on time.

10. I trained to run a full marathon a few years ago, and injured my foot a week before the race. Since I did it with Team in Training and raised all this money, I couldn't NOT run it, so I ended up limping for the entire 26.2 miles, and I was probably 5th from last to finish, they had re-opened all the streets already and there was only a few people left at the finish line. It was probably one of the worst days of my life so far. All I wanted to do was quit, but I couldn't.

11. I'm super messy and unorganized. I have my own office, and the floor is always strewn with my coats, papers, purses, random craft things, shopping bags, and random junk. I can't remember the last time I could see the entire floor of my room. Husband, on the other hand, is a super neat-freak, so the rest of the house is clean and organized. My room makes him cringe.

12. People who use text-speak to write emails/facebook updates/twitter really annoy me. Ok, text messages too. I always spell out everything fully because it really doesn't take that much longer to add a "yo" in front of "u", or type "to" instead of "2". And "ur"?? Don't get me started on that. That's my most hated "word" ever (and it's not even a real word). When you're over, say, 25 years old, you should know better and use proper spelling and grammar, especially in emails... and ESPECIALLY in work-related emails. UGH. that bugs me.

13. I have no rythym. I wanted to try out for the high school drill team, but I couldn't even get the first 5 minutes of the easy routine in try-outs down. Work-out videos or classes where I have to follow dancey steps are embarrassing because I always get them wrong or I'm half a step behind. I was, however, in the after-school jump rope club in 3rd grade and we had to choreograph jump rope routines to Janet Jackson songs. Does that count?

14. I used to be obsessed with changing up my hair pretty frequently. In college, I had a phase where I chemically straightened my hair, then permed it, got highlights, and then chemically straightened it again, all within 10 months. I used to go back and forth between the Japanese thermal straightening and perming so often, but I'm glad to say I haven't chemically altered my hair in more than a year. :) The picture below is when my mom permed our bangs only when we were children. I have no idea why.

15. I'm a pretty boring person, so thinking of 15 things about me was really REALLY difficult. I'm bad at the "random facts" about myself thing because nothing exciting ever happens to me. I should have done "15 random things that bug me" instead. Now that's easy.

...and I tried. I brought my old camera to work today, but then realized that my newer faster memory card is not compatible with old-school models. So, yes, iphone picture again until I find my old memory card.

[tank: Banana Outlet, cardigan: F21, pants: F21, boots: Target]

I've been wanting combat boots forEVER, and was eyeing this pair from Target for awhile, but I saw them in person and the quality of the materials was really poor and they felt super cheap, so I didn't want to pay the full $30. I saw them last week on 50% off for $15, and two stores still had my size left, so I waited a little longer, and picked these babies up yesterday for $7.50. Still unsure of how to style them, but for $7.50, it's totally worth it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm so sad

I wore my polka-dots today and I trekked out to Seattle Center to take my outfit pictures, but then I balanced my camera on a not-too-stable table and it was super windy, so guess what happened? My camera toppled over, the lens thing got dented and now it can't retract back into the camera. I'm super sad because I heart this little camera SO MUCH. Anyway, since it's pretty new, it's still under warranty so I'll be sending it to the Canon repair fairy, and hopefully get it back in two or three weeks.

In the meantime, I won't be doing too many outfit posts (if at all). But here are my polka-dots to prove that I participated in Everybody Everwear day. I know. I hate iPhone pictures too.

I should not be trusted with expensive equipment. See that ugly blue iPhone cover? It's a replacement for the fancy cover I had which cracked after being dropped way too many times.