Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

With 2011 coming to a close, I realized that I only achieved 2 out of 8 of my New Years Resolutions that I made this past January. Oops.
  1. Cook at least one meal from scratch a week. I can't remember the last time I cooked anything. If I had to guess, it would be in the summer or early fall. Ramen and take-out is where it's at.

  2. Work out at least three times a month. The last time I worked out was in September, when I left our bootcamp class half-way through because the guy in front of me had such bad B.O. and I was on the verge of throwing up. That's when I figured out I was pregnant.

  3. Compliment at least one person a day. I did that when I took the bus and would interact with strangers at least twice a day and see a variety of people. But now that I drive into work everyday, I can't just compliment my co-workers everyday, or else they'd think I'm a weirdo. I do tell my son that he's soooo smart everyday. Does that count?

  4. Take at least one photo of my son a day. CHECK. iPhones and Instagram make that easy, and I'm looking forward to printing them all out into a Blurb book soon!

  5. Learn how to use the manual settings on my camera. Ugh, too difficult.

  6. Be more bold in my clothing and accessory choices. I think I did ok for awhile, and then I completely back-tracked. I wore Uggs to work last week. And another day I wore flats with cotton socks under my jeans. I'm ashamed of myself.

  7. Take better care of my body. My main thing was drinking more water, which I failed at. Earlier this week, the ultrasound lady told me that baby doesn't have enough amniotic fluid to swim around in because I don't drink enough water. :( :( :(

  8. Document my life better. I guess I did better than I did in 2010, so it's a success for me.

In terms of my $600 annual clothing budget, I am happy to say that I stuck to that. If you are curious to what $600 can buy, I documented everything. A disclaimer though: I did have about $270 in extra income and a few reward cards/gift cards/gifts from my sister/husband, so $600 is not an entirely accurate figure in terms of what I spent.

For the coming new year, I don't really have any resolutions, other than to drink more water and buy less cheap clothes, and use the $600 on good quality stuff I really love. Though, for the first few months I think I get a pass because I don't like spending a lot on maternity wear when this is going to be my last pregnancy (I hope).

I've also been thinking about this blog a lot. When I originally went on my "hiatus" in November, I did not have any intent on returning, but I realized that I do miss blogging. BUT, I'm kind of over the whole "outfit/style blogging" thing though (too much work getting pictures! makes me shop too much! feel so vain posting pictures of myself on the internet!) I considered turning this blog into more of a lifestyle-type blog, but I have no idea what I'd talk about because my life is pretty boring (just the way I like it). I don't know, maybe I'll have a better idea in the new year. Any suggestions?

And in case you were curious to how I'm growing, here's what I looked like yesterday. I thought I looked fine in the mirror when I was getting ready, but man oh man, I'm very ROUND right about now. I guess it's a combination of too many Christmas cookies and being halfway through with this pregnancy (21 weeks to be exact).

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Frye (Christmas gift from sister!)
Hope you all had wonderful holidays and hope you have a happy new year!!! :)