Monday, June 4, 2012

State of the budget

Two years ago, I implemented a $600 annual clothing budget, which was fairly easy the first year, and slightly difficult last year (I blame it on this blog and the desire to keep on top of the latest trends). But this year? I blew half of my annual budget last month on a pair of Frye Carson pull-on boots that I had been eying for a few months:

Oooh, so pretty... so expensive.
Then take out the $80+ I spent on maternity clothes at the beginning of the year, and now I have $195 to last me the REST OF THE YEAR.

I'm kind of hating myself right now, especially when technically I could have used the money I set aside last year for a Chanel bag (I had saved up like $500, which was only 1/10th of the way there and it made me depressed that it would be another 10 years before I would have enough, so I gave up that dream). But instead I thought, "hey, wouldn't it be fun to try to challenge myself this year? I don't really need any new clothes..."

Totally regretting that decision right about now, but I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can stretch the remaining $195 in the next 7 months. As always, I'll be updating my 2012 budget page (link is on the right sidebar if you ever get curious), and hopefully showcasing a few of my frugal finds here.

Anyone have any tips on how to avoid spending money?


  1. Yikes!  How to avoid spending money on clothes?  Definitely don't be reading style blogs.  Not helpful!

  2. Haha! I know. It kills me when I see cute stuff being worn and think that I need to run out and buy it too. Style blogs are always such enablers! :)

  3. diamondsandtulleJune 4, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    Wow!  I just read your 12 months budget post and how to save money post and you are very diligent and admirable Kimmie!  As for the boots, at least you know that Frye boots are timeless and will last forever with good care!  Maybe barter and swap for the rest of the year?  :)

    xx Vivian @

  4. One way that I avoid spending money is NEVER paying full retail (I often WON'T buy something until I know that NO ONE has paid less than I am about to) and I don't carry cash or my debit card when friends ask me to go shopping with them.  There is something about the group mentality that makes me overspend without analyzing if I need it or not.

  5. Oh god, that is so depressing. The most money I've ever spent on a purse is 125$ and the most on shoes is $140, and those were boots! BUTTTTT those Frye boots look pretty amazing, I definitely do not think you should be bummed about them.

    The only way I can think to stretch the money is to do some self-organized 30 for 30s... those always keep me honest!

  6. I know! Boots are the only thing I spend $$$ on because I get so much wear out of them in the winter months. It's much harder for me to spend a lot on a single item of clothing!
    And there's a plus to having a baby- I haven't unboxed any of the pre-pregnancy clothes i put away months ago, so once I do, it'll be like a whole new wardrobe! Hopefully that "new clothes" feeling will help tide me over a bit with this new budget :)

  7. I hate paying full price for things too! Unless its a store like forever 21 where the prices are already low and sales are rare.
    And that's a good trick about not bringing money shopping, though I don't know how easy that'll be for me (what if I find a really really good deal???) haha, I'm just totally setting myself up for failure when I go shopping with friends. :)

  8. Yeah I hope so! I love clothing swaps! And "borrowing" clothes from my sister :)

  9. Oh no, but those boots sure are pretty! Maybe you can try thrifting, I've seen some really cute things for really little money. Or you can just try shopping your own closet and doing some remixing. Good luck, can't wait to see how it all goes! Let's keep in touch! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  10. I do like thrifting, but it's just so time consuming to hunt for the perfect item(s)! And I just went through all my clothes yesterday and have been finding some old things that I haven't worn in years. It's like having brand new clothes! Sort of. haha :)

  11. No tips, but I do feel for you regarding saving up for a Chanel bag. I had a similar dream which also went kaput. 

    I have a pair of Fryes and they are totally worth it. They will last forever, I'm told.

  12. Chanel bags are just so out of reach for me, and truth be told, I'd be scared to carry around something that costs that much money. It's insane that some bloggers have multiple high-end designer bags! I guess everyone has different financial priorities.

    I'm normally suuuuuper cheap with my clothing (it's mostly Target, Old Navy, Forever 21 stuff) but Fryes are my only splurge because I'm wearing boots for a good portion of the year and I think it's worth it to invest in quality footwear that will be worn a lot (vs. designer heels that I would have no place to wear to). I have a couple pairs of Fryes and I love them all so much :)


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