Friday, August 31, 2012

August budget recap

  1. White peplum top (The Limited) - On clearance for $19.99 + tax = $22 (Now only $12!)
  2. Light blue cardigan (Talbots) - Originally $62, clearance - reward card signup bonus + tax = $15
  3. Gladiator sandals (Talbots) - Originally $139, clearance - reward card signup bonus + tax = $25 (gift from mom)
  4. Grey v-neck tee (Target) - Originally $8, on sale for $5 - $2 coupon + tax = $3 (purchased with gift card)
  5. (unpictured) Undergarments (Target) - $17
August total: $54

I went to the mall a few times this month and so I spent more than I intended to. A peplum top, brown sandals and a grey tee were on my list of things I was looking for, so the only unexpected purchase was a cardigan. I couldn't resist the pretty color (it's listed as mineral blue, but it's more of a mint color) and the clearance price tag, plus I wear cardigans ALL THE TIME, so it was a worthwhile purchase.

I would have spent more if my mom had not generously offered to pay for my new sandals. I guess complaining about my budget sometimes does have some benefits, aside from annoying everybody around me.

By the way, there's nothing I hate more than needing to buy stuff like a nursing bra with my budget because it's just not very fun. And I really need some new socks to wear with my boots because all mine have massive holes in them, so I'm putting aside a few bucks next month for new socks. Yay.


  1. I would totally get your husband to buy nursing bras. It's family expense!!!!! Cute cardi. Great color. I totally wear them all the time too. 

  2. I LOVE hearing about your deals, Kimmie. I have an obsession with getting the best deal, so reading about yours allows me to live vicariously through you.

  3. Hahah I totally should, right? :) I did buy my shirt with a gift card that was supposed to be for baby stuff, and I would have just added the nursing bra to it as well, but they didn't have my size that day at that location. When I went out to buy it at the other Target, we had already used up the gift card :(

  4. Haha I LOVE getting the best deal. I don't buy stuff at Target unless it hits the 70% off rack... but of course there are exceptions. Are you still doing the EBEW thing? I know it's still going on but since your blog is no longer about fashun stuff, are you still involved? and btw, I totally cook vicariously through your blog. Everything always looks so good.

  5. You are a woman after my own heart. I roll my eyes at people who brag about a 40% off sale. 
    As for me blogging, I "do" the EBEW stuff. It doesn't take much, though. I slap something up once and month and it takes care of itself. I don't know how much longer it can be sustained with so little effort, but when I start to think about letting it just fade away, I always get an email about it. 
    I'm embarrassed that you look at the food on my blog. You can probably tell from my lack of writing or care, that I'm not really thinking about other people seeing it!

  6. I am absolutely loving your blog! It's so refreshing to see a fashion blogger being mindful of budget/price. I've been known to splurge on things here and there :/ but overall I love getting things for cheap!! I'm always scouring the clearance racks! :) And I love that you have a yearly budget and keep yourself accountable! I really think I want to start doing that!!


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