Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not perfect

Plaid top: Old Navy
Sweater/Jeans: Target
Boots: Frye Carson Pull-On

I knew I should have used Fran's smooth sweater layering trick, but you can see the bumpy mess that resulted from my failure to do so.  Also, this sweater was balled up on the bottom of my closet (don't worry, it was clean) and I mistakenly thought, "oh those wrinkles will smooth themselves out after wearing it for a few hours." Nope. However, I was having a good hair day that I did not want to go undocumented. So here you go.

For you style bloggers, my question is, do you still post pictures from days like this, where it's not your best outfit? And as a reader, would you prefer to only see perfect outfits, or is it okay that some outfits are less than stellar? Like yesterday, I wore my purple Old Navy Rockstar jeans that were too big (I tried shrinking them but it did not work except to make them super crispy), and one look at the camera proved that indeed these jeans are very poorly fitting. Should I still post the pictures, or just delete them and pretend it never happened? I want my blog to be a true representation of what I wear everyday, and if I've already gone through the trouble of taking pictures, why not? But at the same time, I cringe to think of those pictures being immortalized on the internet forever. I don't know. What are your thoughts?

PS. I finally got around to doing a blog redesign, yay! :)


  1. Wrinkles or not - I still think this outfit is lovely. I love the teal/blue colors from the plaid and sweater. :) I had no clue about the 'trick'! I know wish I had known for all the times before. haha...

    To answer your question - I typically try to post the outfits from what I've taken but sometimes I look at some and go blah. I didn't think to post them because if I'm not happy then I wouldn't want everyone else to see. Or if I'm somewhat pleased with the photos, I use the crop option because like you said, you spend time on taking them and editing why would I waste them. That's what I think. :)

    Oh btw - I saw Old Navy was having 'older' Rockstars on sale for $13 something. (can't remember the cents) lol! 

    xo - Sheila

  2. I liked your outfit with the purple jeans that were too big!  Even if it wasn't that comfortable for you to walk around in too-big jeans, the idea was really cute and gave inspiration.  

    To answer your question about whether I post from that day or not, the answer is yes and no.  I think it just depends on the day.  On more than a handful of occasions I've posted something I was *really* hesitant about and gotten LOADS of "I love this and I'm going to copy this!" comments.  It's happened so many times that now I'm more inclined to post them than to not, but there are some times when I don't post something just because I'm moody and don't feel like posting it.  It's your blog--post what you want and don't post what you don't want to!  

    You can also talk about why you don't feel something worked and what you'd want to try differently next time so that other people can learn alongside you.  

    Personally, I don't need (or expect) you to look perfect all the time, and I come here simply because clothes are fun, talking about clothes is fun, and I like seeing what you're up to.  Part of style blogging is being on the journey with each other.  We're all growing ourselves and taking risks--some of which pan out and some of which flop.  It's all part of the journey together!

  3. I don't mind if you look like a real person in your photos; it's actually kind of encouraging! And I can barely tell the sweater is wrinkled. This outfit is cute, and you did go to the trouble of taking photos, so why not post it?

  4. The new blog design is great! So is your hair. How do you get it to voluminous?

    As a reader, I like the not so stellar outfits mixed in with the the good ones as a "lessons learned" or an advice type of post- I think it's valuable in learning how to style and dress better.

  5. I'm sporadic about posting, but I post the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have sections on mine for outfits I loved, liked, that were eh, and blah. I figure they can inspire others on what to do (or what NOT to do ha ha), and it can help me purge my wardrobe and fill in gaps. Plus, I like seeing people that look real; sometimes blogs can be intimidating because if people look too "done" then I think I should always be a 9 or 10. 

    Wow. Totally long answer for a simple question. =)

  6. I love the outfit. The blues are so pretty on you. And whether or not I post pica usually depends on how well they turn out. I have posted outfits I'm not crazy about, but usually find that I'm my own worst critic. :) In the end it's your bog and you should only do whatever you're comfortable with. :) I'm sure we will enjoy whatever you choose to post. :)

  7. i almost did the layering trick this morning, but after feeling a bit claustrophobic in the tank top, i decided to attempt the outfit without it. lucky for me, the sweater i wanted to wear was perfectly baggy in all the right places. the next issue was getting the sleeves to sit properly.

    personally, when i see 100% perfect outfit photos all the time, i get a little moody about it. too baggy pants, weird bumps and creases from underlayers, boots and belts that throw everything else off, and that weird pucker you can't get out of the shirt you love are all things that we non-bloggers deal with, too. it's nice to see an outfit on a blog that isn't perfect because we all know what that's like. and sometimes, we learn how to remedy our problem because some amazing guru of fix-it-yourself-clothing-solutions will comment on the problem and we all go "oh, geez. so simple!" and move on with our fashionable lives. i don't feel like you are obligated to share outfits you hate, because i know i wouldn't do that on my own blog if i had one. but, sharing those "meh" outfits every now and then is refreshing to see.

    i dig the new layout!

  8. That tank top tip is genius! I am going to try that soon because you can always see the pesky buttons on my shirt under my sweater.

    I have that same flannel from Old Navy. They have such great colored flannel shirts this year!

  9. That sweater is a great color and I think it's a great basic outfit. Sometimes, I don't realize the outfit is bad until I see the photos and then I decide if I will post it anyway or scrap it altogether.  I've done both.  My blog is definitely not aspirational by any means, so I think that it's okay to sometimes show what didn't work.  Also, I've posted something and said it's not perfect only to receive advice and tips on what would make it better.  I love that about blogging.

  10. Love the new design, Kimmie! It's super sleek.  Fran's layering idea is brilliant although you are so itty bitty it would be hard for you to look lumpy.  As far as the less than perfect pics, post 'em! What I do is put them in a "standby" folder to use as filler when I don't really have time to blog. Personally I love it when bloggers post things and mention that "well, this just didn't work" - it adds a nice human element. 

  11. 1. You are very pretty. Do you ever get sick of hearing me say that? Not sorry, I will continue to tell you.
    2. I llllllooooove this color combo. That teal...ish color looks so pretty with your skin tone/hair color (which I'm totes jealous of)
    3. I do both. I tend to post most outfits. If I don't post something its because it either looked horrendous in pictures or because I just didn't get any good pictures. That's been happening a lot more lately when the sun is barely up so everything looks super dark. Like everyone below, I think that we as "normal people" bloggers are there to show the real way clothes wear, not photoshoot la de da look at me and all my smooth clothes that are photoshopped on kind of thing. 
    4. I really like whatever you are standing in front of. 

  12. Thanks, Sheila! Ah yes someone told me about the Rockstar clearance, and while it's super tempting, I think I'm done with them because frankly I don't think they fit that well... for me at least!

    Yeah, for me at least, it's not that often that i go through the trouble of taking pictures so I usually just post them, but once in awhile, I just really hate the pictures and so don't post them at all. I think the problem is more with the photos that I like, but know that people will side-eye the sloppy "styling" of the outfit, with wrinkly clothes or whatever, things that could've been easily fixed. Does that even make sense? :)

  13. Thanks, Audrey :) I think the issue I have is with the outfits that could've been easily fixed, so I'm just afraid people are going to be like, "omg, why couldn't she have ironed her skirt before taking pictures?" or "why would she post THAT sloppy mess on her blog?" you know? Because even if there ARE people that are commenting being like "OMG CUTE OUTFIT!" I'm pretty sure there will be others that are thinking the complete opposite, and wondering why I would even bother posting something like that on my blog. Though why I feel the need to gain the approval from internet strangers is beyond me. :)

    I spend a lot of time on Get Off My Internets and recently a comment really stood out to me, I forgot who the criticism was directed towards, but it was along the lines of, "Why even post pictures of this boring outfit? If I wanted to see an average person wearing jeans and a sloppy t-shirt, I'd just look in the mirror. I read blogs to be inspired."  - I think it's because there are two types of blogs, one being the aspirational fashion with editorial-quality photos (Atlantic Pacific, Sea of Shoes, etc.), and the other being the "here's what I wore to my everyday job" kind of blog (yours and mine), and some that are in-between (Kendi, Selective Potential, Sidewalk Ready, etc.) so it's hard to differentiate the feedback for one type of blog (especially those full time bloggers whose main job is to take pictures of their outfits) versus the other.

  14. Haha, thanks Anna. Sometimes I get blinded by those bloggers who have ammmmazing outfits and pictures, and it's hard not to compare myself to them. But I'm just here to share my daily outfits and not trying to make it as the next big blogger or anything, so I shouldn't set myself up with such high standards!

  15. Thanks Emily! And the layering trick is genius :)

  16. Thanks, Elaine! Means a lot coming from you, miss design super-star :)

  17. Thanks Emily! Uh,, it's not really that voluminous, since I've lost a lot of hair post-partum. Though I try to only curl hair when it's clean (not 2nd day hair anymore) and use hair spray. I try to tease the crown a little, but I don't think I do it enough to make a huge difference.

  18. First, the blog looks fabulous! Second, yes. If I actually get around to taking pictures these days, they are getting posted, regardless. I like it when things aren't always perfect on a blog. That is life! And honestly, if you hadn't said anything about not being pleased with your outfit, I never would have known since I think you look great! I'm obsessed with plaid button downs these days so I'm digging it.

  19. I think the outfit is still really cute!  And I actually really like seeing outfits that are less-than-perfect on blogs, it's more realistic to see that not every day is a perfect outfit day!  Plus I agree, if you take the time to do photos and all that, I say go ahead and post!  I do it too, often pointing out what I didn't love about the outfit, which I think is a helpful exercise in itself :) 

  20. Your
    outfit matches your blog design. Nice :). Love the blog redesign! Another trick
    for layering sweater is to get the button down into the sweater BEFORE pulling
    both over your head. That way the button-down sleeves are nicely inside the
    sweater sleeves, and hopefully a minimal amount of bunching on the chest/torso.
    I can't imagine wearing a third layer with a tank, but that's a great idea! And
    about not so perfect outfit posts (LOL on the good hair day, don't waste it ;)
    ), it depends on how unperfect it is and if there's a lesson. I think you
    showed us that life isn't perfect but that we can surely fix it for next time.
    I don't mind seeing these outfits because it highlights what we should look for
    when we dress ourselves in the morning. Believe me, you look better than me
    on  that day than I do on my best day!
    Hehe. Love ya! Happy Holidays!

  21. Oooh! i like how you organized your outfits with the loved/liked/eh/bad outfits. And totally helpful in figuring out what works and what doesn't, and figuring out the holes in your closet. :)

  22. Thanks CC! And yes, I think we are all our own worst critics :)

  23. okay, this under-tank layering trick is a total game changer! i don't layer often because I'm just a little fatter than I want to be and i feel like it adds bulk, but this would definitely help me feel less insecure about the added bulges that could happen!

    i'm not a fashion blogger, but i do post outfits on occassion and in answer to your question--I ONLY post outfits in which I look amazing. if that means I use photoshop and pose in only a particular angle then SO BE IT!! but if i were a fashion-only blogger, then yeah, i probably would. I think photos are really helpful for figuring out what looks best on you and what you like yourself in, so sure, embrace those "meh" wardrobe days!!! it's just like RuPaul says "if you can't love yourself, how in the HAYL you gonna love anybody else? can i get an AMEN?!"

  24. Thanks, Alyssa! I feel claustrophobic in too much clothes too, especially stuff that's tight/constricting. And ugh, tell me about the sleeves. Maybe I should just start taping down my sleeves with fashion tape... Hmm... not a bad idea...

    I think sometimes I feel like I critique the bigger bloggers when their outfits aren't perfect (like, why didn't she hem those jeans? she should have ironed her shirt, or cleaned her shoes...). Maybe because it's their full time job to get dressed and take beautiful pictures? But for small bloggers (like myself) that take pictures in outfits that we actually wore out and about for the entire day (and not just a photoshoot), it should be ok to have lower expectations on being "perfect."

  25. I know! the buttons and chest pockets are always showing through my shirts :)

    And yes! I love their button-ups. Target's is always too short (junior sizing) or they're long enough but too boxy (women sizing), so Old Navy's are perfect :)

  26. Thanks, Ana! And yes, I'm not trying to be aspirational either, so I guess it's fine that I post outfits that work and don't work :) We can all learn from mistakes!

  27. Thanks, Bonnie! LOL, me itty bitty? what does that make you then? You are like half my size! And I was referring more to the bumps created by buttons and pockets on the shirts because those always bug me! :)

  28. 1. Thank you, Fran, but you're bordering on creepy now so you will have to stop.
    2. My skin tone and hair are nothing to be jealous of. I'm pale as a ghost, but it's okay, because pale is "in" now, right????
    3. lol yeah, there's a big difference between people who wear their clothes all day long (us) versus the full-time bloggers whose main income is from taking pictures of their outfits that they probably wear for 10 minutes, so I guess they should be held to a higher standard.
    4. It's some random house thingy in a neighborhood park. I just like that it's really small and secluded (I've driven by the park like 10 times before I even knew it was there, I didn't find it until I saw it on Google maps), and there have never been any people there, plus there's lots of parking around it, so you'll probably be seeing more of it. :)


  29. Thanks, Teal! And yes, taking outfit pictures is such a rarity these days so I feel like I should post all the ones I do take. Though I'm not going to post the ones that I look terrible in, because I'm kind of vain. And you can never have enough plaid button-downs!

  30. Thanks, Laura! and yes, figuring out what works and what doesn't is super helpful :)

  31. Thanks, Lisa! I hate having to adjust the sweater sleeves when they get all stretched and weird from trying to put my button-down sleeves through. I'll have to try that trick!

    LOL I only put more effort in when I'm taking outfit photos. Like today, I knew I'd have no time to take any pictures (had to finish Christmas shopping on my lunch break) so I'm dressed like a slob, with messy hair and minimal make-up. You could easily beat me in the "looking presentable" department :)

    Happy holidays to you and your family as well!

  32. But the under-tank thing makes it so layering doens't LOOK like it adds as much bulk :)

    And you DO look AMAZING in your outfit pics, so FASHUN BLOGGING, UR DOIN IT RITE.

  33. Wow such great style on $600 annual budget!  Thank you for sharing everything!

    your newest follower on bloglovin'



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