Monday, January 16, 2012

New blog!

While I loved the style blogging thing last year, my priorities have shifted recently (getting ready for a new baby in 4 months!) and I'm trying to focus more on my family than my wardrobe. I thought I'd be able to transition this blog into more of a lifestyle/mommy blog... but I would rather not plaster a million photos of my babies all over the internet.

I recently came across the blog Crappy Pictures which is a HILARIOUS blog about parenting and motherhood, using drawn stick figures (like my other faves Hyperbole and a Half and The Oatmeal). While I'm not half as funny or witty as any of them, I loved the concept of blogging about motherhood WITHOUT using photographs of the kids, and I decided that I'd go in that direction. (Plus, I can't be a mommy blogger without a fancy camera, RIGHT?)

Since this is such a different subject than what I had going on here, and the intended audience is completely different, it would not make sense to transition Blue Paper Lanterns to a stick-figured mommy blog. SO, I started a new blog, called Stuck on Mommy. I'll be primarily blogging over there, but if something interesting comes up fashion-wise, I'll pop back in here. If you care to follow along with my adventures in parenting, please visit me over here:

Hope to see you guys soon!