Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello there! Just popping in a for a pregnancy update.

Maybe it's just me, but I love following along with other bloggers' pregnancies and it's fun to see their changes week by week (unless all they do is talk nonstop about their uterus... then I'll have to side eye that). But of course, I had a ton of excuses as to why I didn't want to turn this into a pregnancy/baby blog so I stopped blogging. Now that I'm closing in on the final weeks, I realized that I didn't keep any sort of journal or record of this pregnancy (or the last) and because this is probably the last time I'll be experiencing this baby-growing thing, I thought I'd do a quick update.

I'm at 33 weeks now, so I still have 7 more weeks to go, maybe 8 if I'm unlucky like last time.

Cravings: I'd say donuts and candy, but I doubt it's pregnancy cravings. I just like eating sweets, OK? I have been eating a ton more carbs (mainly bread) because it helps with the heartburn, but haven't really had too many "OMG I NEED TO EAT THIS NOW" cravings.

Physical changes: I've been waddling when I walk, which is SO attractive, and I get totally winded from walking up one flight of stairs. I constantly feel like I'm suffocating because my lungs don't have enough room to breathe, and can't eat huge meals anymore, but end up snacking throughout the day. I've gained about 20 pounds, which sounds like a lot, but compared to last time around where I was 10 pounds heavier at the same stage, I'm thankful. Not because I'm vain, but because the extra weight is no fun to carry around when your joints and muscles are already so strained.

Last time around, I completely ballooned up and was large everywhere (especially my face), and this time I feel my weight is more concentrated in my belly, as it's protruding out a lot more. I have gotten bigger in other places but it's not as bad as when I was pregnant with P. I guess every woman and every pregnancy is truly different.

Also, my belly button has become an outie. It seriously weirds me out and I can't stop poking it, trying to force it back in. Last time, it just became a flat line and never "popped" so I'm kind of fascinated with it. It is annoying though because now I have to wear all these layers so it doesn't show through my clothes.

Even though I'm complaining about my temporary discomfort, I'm really thankful to be having a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy, and realize that I'm lucky enough to even have a pregnancy at all when I know lots of women are coping with infertility. It definitely puts things in perspective.

Nursery: my girlfriends came over to help me paint the walls yellow (in lieu of a baby shower, which I appreciate greatly) and that was fun except I thought I'd only need one coat of paint. Nope. I had to go out to buy another gallon of paint, so hopefully my husband and I can finish up the second coat this week and start decorating the nursery soon. I doubt baby girl will be sleeping there for the first few months so there's no rush, but the thought of decorating a nursery when I'm sleep deprived and caring for a newborn does not sound fun. I don't really have a theme for the nursery, because most of the stuff is P's hand-me-downs. I just hope it comes together nicely and doesn't look like a mish-mash of random things (because that's what it really is).

I still have SO much to do before baby comes in May. It felt that this pregnancy flew by so fast and I'm so so so excited to meet her, but I'm also dreading the fact that I have no idea how I'm going to handle caring for a newborn AND a toddler at the same time. But I figure if millions and millions of moms out there can handle having more than one kid, I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out too.

And what's a pregnancy update without a few pictures? We had beautiful weather over the last few days and I'm clueless on how to take pictures in bright sunlight (because it's so rare, haha). So while I look completely washed out, I promise I did not turn into a vampire.

Top: Target
Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Old Navy maternity skinny flare jeans
Flats: Target

PS. The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway is Olga! Thanks to everyone who entered :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway! - closed

Spring is just around the corner, and what's a better way to celebrate than a free dress? The lovely ladies at Shabby Apple, an online boutique of women's dresses, graciously let me pick a dress for one of you lucky readers, and seriously? I wish I could keep it for myself. They are all just too pretty. But being that I'm 32 weeks pregnant at the moment (I KNOW, right? Only 8 more weeks to go!), I won't have an opportunity to wear such a pretty dress for awhile. Not that I could have picked myself to win, because that would be a little too shady.

But seriously, look at these dresses. I want them all.

Alice Dress

Co-Ed Skirt

Malt Shop Dress

Seven Seas in Seersucker dress

Sierra Nevada Dress

I'm Late Dress

I picked the Spanish Steps dress to giveaway to one of you. I love the jersey cap sleeve top and the appliqued flowers on the skirt. So pretty!

How to enter:

Mandatory Entry: all you have to do is "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave me a comment on this post telling me that you did so.

For one additional entry, visit Shabby Apple, then come back and tell me (in a separate comment) which dress or item is your favorite.

Good luck!

Sorry international readers, but this giveaway is only open to people with US shipping addresses. :(

Giveaway will end on Monday, March 26th at noon PST. The winner will be randomly picked from all eligible entries and needs to respond to my email within 48 hours, or else I'll be forced to pick a new winner.