Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 Favorite Things

I know January is already half over, but Katrina tagged me in her 2012 favorite things post and I thought I'd share my own favorite things from the past year.

Favorite makeup
I don't like buying or experimenting with makeup, mostly because I already have my set of "holy grail" products and I disappoint myself every time I try something new. I just really, really like my favorites and prefer to just stick to them. However, my sister bought me the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara, and it is AMAZING. My previous favorite was the L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, which is awesome because it creates little tubes around the lashes and washes off easily with warm water, and doesn't smudge with my small/hooded eyes. The Scandal Queen mascara is pretty similar, except that it also has little fibers in it that adhere to your lashes making them look so much longer! Love it.

Favorite book
I didn't get to read as much as I had hoped to last year, and a look at my 2012 list shows that I only read 5 Orson Scott Card books (I'm in love with Ender's Game, but all of other books in the Ender's Saga have only been OK, which makes me sad) and the first three books of the A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones books). All three books (and the fourth, which I'm almost done with) are so, so, so good, though they are insanely long and I can't get all the characters straight, so I like to look them up in the ASOIAF wiki and accidentally read the spoilers. Whoops.

Favorite song/album

Are you going to think I'm a weirdo because I don't really listen to music? I turn on the radio once in awhile but I don't really care for any songs/albums/artists right now. I had a phase when I was in college when I went to concerts ALL THE TIME but I'm just over that right now. I'd rather listen to the news, talk shows, or audiobooks.

Favorite movie

I didn't watch that many movies in 2012. We only went to the theaters a handful of times for those $1 kid movie mornings, but I did watch The Hobbit twice, and it was amazing, even the 2nd time. This is coming from a person who didn't care much about the LOTR series when it came out, but I'm going to try to read the books one of these days (after I finish the Song of Ice and Fire series) and re-watch them afterwards.

One thing you’re grateful for?

A totally sappy answer, but I'm so grateful for my family. My parents and in-laws have been wonderful the past year, helping us out with childcare and food. Did I ever tell you that my parents and in-laws not only watch my kids, but also cook me dinner so I always have a hot meal waiting for me when I pick the kids up? It's so so so nice to not have to worry about dinner after work. Yes, I know how lucky I am.

Greatest challenge?

Adjusting to life with two kids. Taking care of a newborn is hard enough, but with a stubborn (and sometimes jealous) toddler, it's pretty tough. Sometimes I just want a break from it all, but then I see their precious little faces and I just want to hug them so hard. They are the light in my life.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Baby's first birthday is coming up in a few months in May, along with P's 4th birthday (WHAT? where did the time go?) and I'm just looking forward to seeing both of them continue to grow and learn and become more independent. The photo above is from P's first birthday, which feels like it was just yesterday. SIGH.

I know I'm supposed to tag more people, but I hate tagging people that don't want to answer, or leaving out people that do, so if you want to share your answers, just go for it! I TAG YOU. And of course, leave me a comment so I can go read yours! :)


  1. Your kids are DARLING! So stinkin' cute. <3
    And you're not alone on the music thing.. I'm only 21 but listening to music is just not something I ever do unless I'm in the car. Which is funny, because I actually sing onstage at my church twice a week and am actively involved in music, but yeah, outside of church or the car, I never listen to music. My sister is always like "Check out this band!" And I'm like yeah... I'd rather watch HGTV. Haha..

  2. Haha! yeah in the car it's bearable, but when I'm sitting on my computer or at home? No. I think I'm just becoming an old lady. When my husband listens to his music in the house (he teaches work out classes on his days off so he needs to put together his playlist, and it's all techno-y or hip-hop-y) I get a headache and make him put on his headphones.

  3. ...you don't listen to music? I'm not exaggerating when I say that I need music on at all times. in the car, at work, at my computer, when I work out (ha, yeah right, like that happens).

    and that picture of P is TOO CUTE. love your little asian babies.

  4. First thing's first: the use of gifs in this post is AMAZING!! haha

    Thanks so much for accepting the tag and posting your favourite things. I'm going to add this mascara to my Sephora wishlist for 2013. The current one I'me using is starting to get clumpy and I'm slowly learning to embrace higher quality makeup over the $5 Rimmel stuff. :P

    Your kiddos are so adorable. I can't wait to see the cute pics for their IG books this year!

  5. It's weird, because I used to LOVE music. Now I just feel like I can't concentrate or think straight when I'm listening to music. I prefer sitting in silence. Though I still need music for working out/running (when it ever happens) or dancing (duh, you can't dance to silence). It's also good for awkward silences when sitting in the car with someone who is not good at conversation.

  6. Haha, every time I get sucked into the cheap mascara from Maybelline or Rimmel and I end up hating it and it will sit in my makeup drawer unused for a few months before I end up tossing it out. I do, however, LOVE the L'oreal beauty tubes one though, and that's only like $8 or $9 (at Target, but $12 if you go to Walgreens or Rite aid).

  7. is the mascara difficult to remove? your kids are so cute!

  8. That picture with he kazoo.  HOW MEAN!  And bad for baby's hearing.  (As a musician I always worry about people's hearing and things being too loud in someone's ear hahaha.)  But dang, her face in that moment is precious.  On another note, I always wonder how parents catch pictures of their kids crying like that.  Do the kids care?  Not judging here, just wondering, because I'll probably do that to my kids too haha.  

    Um, also, for the day I have kids, let's trade parents for a year, okay?  

    And I feel you about music.  Which is weird because I'm a MUSICIAN.  But, whatever.  I used to listen to it all the time when driving or cleaning or whatever.  Now I'd just prefer silence and to be left alone with my thoughts.  And I definitely cannot listen to it when I'm trying to THINK, like on the computer.  I will just start analyzing the music instead, so I get really distracted.  

  9. Favorite movie = The Hobbit? YES. We should be new best friends. LOVED the movie and am always having LOTR marathons ;)

  10. I read the first three books in A Song of Ice and Fire series while I was pregnant.  I haven't been able to finish the series.  By the time the baby is in bed, I'm too sleepy to read.  Loved them though.  

  11. OMG. You have to let me nerd out and talk with you about Game of Thrones when you finish all the books. I went on a tear last year and read them all obsessively. And I can't believe it is almost a year!

  12. I also
    don't experiment much with makeup though the Loreal mascara you mention sounds
    intriguing! My go-to right now is Maybelline Define A Lash (green tube). I
    don't read much, if any, so I'm joining an online discussion on "The
    Host" by the same woman who wrote the Twilight series (blah about the
    book, but am looking forward to discussing). I wasn't going to watch the Hobbit
    but since you said you liked it (and not the LOTR), I'm more interested in
    watching the Hobbit (I loved LOTR). Favorite current movie is Pitch Perfect. We
    just rented it. And loving your family certainly isn't sappy! I'm so grateful
    for mine. So supportive and loving. And :( about your older boy teasing your
    lil girl! It's natural! And OMG your parents and in laws watch the kids and
    cook dinner? Really really lucky! Especially if they're awesome Asian cooks :).
    And how cute is P turning 1? I'm looking forward to our family becoming a
    family of 6 (2 adults, 2 dogs, and 2 kids!). Kinda nervous too.

  13. No its not! It just washes off really easily with warm water. It comes off in clumps! I love it :)

  14. haha, he wasn't *really* blowing it in her ears, it just looks that way. We had them dressed up for Christmas and were trying to get a good picture but she kept crying and he kept messing around... yeah, it's pretty hard to get a good picture of the two of them together. It's not hard to catch a crying picture, because the crying happens pretty frequently when her brother is around. Plus, maybe I'm just evil, but I think crying pictures are hilarious.

    And yes! I can't listen to music when I'm trying to type something or think straight, because it just distracts me. Music is fine when I'm doing brainless tasks but I prefer silence as well! :)

  15. Haha! I must have a LOTR marathon with you then! I didn't really like the movies the first time I watched them because all the story lines were hard to follow, but now that I've watched the Hobbit everything makes a little more sense. :)

  16. They are LONG, and I will admit that it makes me sad that a lot of the characters that I liked from book 1 and 2 have been killed off, and I don't care much for the Ironborn or Dornish storylines. It's so difficult to find time to read with a newborn!

  17. haha, yes!!!! I'm ALMOST done with A Storm of Swords, and looking forward to Dance with Dragons. THEN WE TALK.

    And since we don't have cable/HBO, I still haven't watched season 2 of Game of Thrones yet, so looking forward to it being released on DVD soon! :)

  18. I tried reading The Host but I didn't like it much with all the inner dialogue and stuff, and never finished the book. Maybe it gets better? You should watch The Hobbit! I think I liked it because it was easy to follow the storyline as opposed to LOTR where there were like 5 different storylines going on all at the same time. Everything made complete sense, which was nice :) And not to mention, the scenery and cinematography was gorgeous.

    Yes, my in-laws are AWESOME cooks, so it's super nice. And they usually send me home with leftovers, so even better!

    Super excited about the newest addition to your family! Congrats again! :)

  19. thanks for the reply! i love japanese mascaras, but a lot of them are so hard to remove...

  20. I haven't tried any other Japanese mascaras, but I absolutely HATE waterproof mascaras because they are impossible to remove, but then the non-waterproof ones smudge so easily, or will run if I ever get watery eyes or cry. The tube ones (like the L'Oreal Double Extend or the Scandal Queen mascara) only need to be washed with warm water (no need for remover or soap!). I highly recommend them... except not for swimming or if you know you'll be crying a lot, because then they might come off in clumps on your face and look funny ;)

  21. thanks for the tip! :D i'll look into tube mascaras. i actually only use waterproof because my eyelids are oily and non-waterproof mascara smudges like mad on me. but yeah, i hate how difficult they are to remove!!

  22. I love that you know the prices of products between stores. THIS is why you are my hero!! Thanks so much for the tips :)

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