Thursday, January 10, 2013

500 follower giveaway! (Closed)

Update: The winner of the giveaway is Brynn! Congrats! :)

I know that the number of Google Friend Connect followers is *just* a number, but it makes me ridiculously happy that 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!!!) of you have clicked that little "Join this site" button. Thank you! It just makes me feel a little bit more legit in the whole blogging world.

Also, I just got in my very first affiliate payment, so I decided to give some it back to you guys who helped me earn it!

I try not to shove affiliate links in your faces (those little links that give me a small cut of your transaction if you end up making a purchase after you click on one), and I only link when I can find the exact item*. Most of the time I can't, since 99% of the items I wear are old and no longer available online. So it's kind of a big deal that I've finally made enough money in my account to get paid.

How to enter:

Since it's a 500 follower giveaway, you must be a follower of my blog (click on "Join this site" in the Google Friend Connect box on the left hand side) AND answer these questions in a comment on this post:
  1. Are you a follower of my blog? (hint: answer should be "YES")
  2. Which retailer would you would want a $50 gift certificate to? Target? Gap? Forever 21? Nordstrom? J.Crew? As long as I can get a gift card, it's fair game. If I pick a winner whose choice is impossible for me to get, you'll have to pick a new retailer.
  3. Tell me a little about yourself, I love getting to know all of you! (For example: location, age, occupation, your blog URL if you have one, Twitter or Instagram username, how you found out about my blog, favorite books, biggest pet peeves, celebrity crush, dream job, least favorite Jelly Belly flavor, basically anything!)
One comment per person please. Any additional comments will be deleted.

Giveaway is open to anyone who has the ability to use gift cards... so international readers are welcome to enter. Giveaway ends on Friday, January 18th at noon PST. I'll be using to pick a winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I'll pick a new winner. Good luck!

*I did just add a "shop this look" widget to the bottom of my posts last week to show some similar items (but don't worry, you can see the price/retailer/image BEFORE clicking on anything).


  1. Oh, that's great! You also just got an extra follower on GFC, since I follow your blog through my blog reader.

    1. Yes ;-)
    2. Gap, please!
    3. I'm in Dortmund, Germany, I'm 25, and I'm a PhD student studying American religion in a transatlantic context. I blog at and I don't remember how I found your blog, but I read a bunch of fashion blogs that also include a personal touch. (For some reason, I don't post any fashion stuff myself, but I love looking at other people's pictures.) My favorite book is The Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt. And I don't like jelly beans :-)

  2. 1. Yes, I have you in my Google Reader :-)
    2. I'd want a gift card to Forever 21
    3. My favorite colors are teal, black, green, and dark purple

    4. I LOVE YOU :-p

  3. Yes in google reader
    hmmm... nordstrom or gap
    I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids, an 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy 

  4. 1. Yup. :)
    2. J. Crew
    3. This morning, I dropped a bath gel, stepped on it before I could pick it up, bursting it open, and dyed the dog neon green. He also smelled like evergreen. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm a klutz. 

    (This isn't sucking up, unless it works:) I'm seriously impressed that you're taking your referral credits and turning them into a giveaway. Very cool of you!

  5. I'm a GFC follower! I'm a newlywed on a budget, which means gift cards to Target, World Market or TJ Maxx are always welcome. :)

  6. 1) YES, in caps ;)
    2) J.Crew please! I got a gift card from there for Christmas and I've already spent it, hahaha. Sigh.
    3) Once I discover something I like, I kinda become obsessed with it. Case in point, I watched the entire season 1 of Desperate Housewives in about a day and a half, only stopping to eat and sleep. Thank goodness I had finished with finals at the time, or else I'd have been in trouble. Same with the 50 Shades of Grey series. I think I read books 1 and 2 without stopping and book 3 the day after. I would've seriously considered taking time off from work if I hadn't finished reading over the weekend, lol.

  7. congrats!

    1. yes!
    2. j.crew
    3. i live in japan but i'm from california! i found your blog through a petite blogger i think. i love your casual, easy style!

  8. 1. a new follower! (found you through your guest post on Putting Me Together)
    2. Target please :)
    3. I'm a 24 year old, newly married lady living in Minneapolis, MN. I work as a nanny and love it.  Thanks for the great giveaway! 

  9. I'm a follower on Google Reader!! LOVE your blog for your cute style and of course that small budget you work with (and seem to find it just no big deal, lol!)
    Gift card wise I would say Ann Taylor/Loft or Target! Those are my go-to stores for sure.
    I'm a SWF (lol), just turned 30, newly single (blah), live in Kansas City, and work in the insurance industry.  I would say my work environment is business professional, but I do dress more on the professional side.  I seriously believe in the “dress for the job you want” motto and I’m aiming to be a director someday! I’m tall for a girl: 5’11’’, large bust and work primarily with men so I have major challenges with my professional style for sure.  I can’t remember exactly how I found your blog…maybe Fran? I do not have my own blog (but am thinking about it…) but my Instagram name is: TRFAB where I take pics of my food, two dachshunds, and some outfits. My favorite books change SO much but I would say I will always go back to the classic Pride and Prejudice…I fall in love with it every time I read it!
    Hope you aren’t giving away ALL of your points, save some for yourself!!! J

  10. 1. Yes, in my google reader & instagram too!
    2. Loft or francesca's
    3. I'm a small town girl. workaholic. loves clothes, crafting & my girlfriends!

  11. HappinessatmidlifeJanuary 10, 2013 at 7:13 AM

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Yes I am a follower on GFC and would love a gift card to J Crew. I love their clothes but most time, it's just too pricey unless it's on super sale.

    I found your blog recently through Putting Me Together.


  12. 1. I'm a subscriber to your blog. I hope that counts.  
    2. I'd say Nordstrom or Gap.
    3. I'm from Seattle, just like you! I'm not a blogger just love gathering ideas on how to shop my own wardrobe and be more purposeful in my shopping. I'm a work outside the home mom too.  I think I might have found you via this life redefined though it could have been the other way around. :-)

  13. kimmie!  

    1. yes
    2. forever 21
    3. actress/blogger/activist! 

  14. 1. Of course!
    2. Anthropologie please!  But I'm fine with any as well (Target, Banana, J.Crew, etc)
    3. Seattle, 31, 4th grade teacher.  "koaleia" in all accounts.  Have the cutest pup in the world.  Found your site from a couple other local bloggers and then discovered that we have already met in person - CoHi =)

  15. Yes, actually I am now following you 3 ways... Blogger, Bloglovin, and now Google Friend Connect.
    My favorite store is The Limited, 
    My favorite jelly baby is the black licorice flavor.  I love rain and thunderstorms.  I met my husband racing triathlons.  My hobbies are running and reading and playing with my almost 3 year old son.

    Thanks for the opportunity.  You are too sweet to share your reward.

  16. What a fun giveaway and congrats on getting to 500+ on GFC! 

    1.  Yes!  I was following you on Twitter and just joined via GFC.
    2. J. Crew! I'm newly obsessed.
    3. I'm in Chicago, IL and work at a university in downtown.  You can find me at Pretty sure I saw you linked via another style blog (can't recall which one).  

  17. Congratulations on your 500 followers! :D
    1. Yes :D
    2. J.Crew please
    3. I'm a petite blogger in MN and I blog about food and fashion as I discover and evolve my style and appreciation for food. :D xoxo, Phoebe

  18. 1 Yes
    2 J Crew
    3 I'm in NY.  Mother of a 3.5 year old and another one on the way.

  19. Wow, 500! That is a great blog milestone, congrats!

    1. Long time follower here. :)
    2. I'd have to go with Forever 21.
    3. I've been a competitive runner since I was 11 years old, and was on various cross country and track teams from middle school through college. It's been a while since I've competed (due to pregnancy & new mommyhood), but my goal is to train for a half marathon this summer!

  20. Yes, I’m your follower (GFC & Bloglovin’). I don’t remember how I know your blog but I think via a link from another blogger and it caught my eyes because you are a budget shopper (since I’m not good at budgeting and I learned some tricks from you, so thank you!). I’m a working mom with 2 young sons (8 years old & 4 years old) in NY. I love to read, just haven’t had enough time to do it (my laundry are waiting for me). I’m also slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with stripes & polka dot and leather handbags.  J Crew or Ann Taylor or Forever 21 is among my fave stores. Thank you again for this great giveaway!

  21. Yay, congrats! I follow as Faith Sandahl.

    I'd love a gift card to Old Navy! I blog at and you can find me on most social media as @faithsweetstyle. :-) 

  22. 1. I've been reading your blog through google reader for ... so long now! Since 2011 maybe? Seriously -- I've been here with you (silently) forever. Is that creepy to admit?2. Target would be so useful!3. I'm a 25yr old PhD student in Oregon. I used to blog, but the PhD takes up too much time, so now I just instagram (martinalynne). I can't remember how I found your blog, but I too have a super strict clothing budget (and try to shop almost entirely used, which is a fun challenge) so I love that your blog has always been so cost conscious. Thanks!

  23. Yes, I follow this blog :) I would love to have a giftcard to Target.  It's amazing how many awesome items you will see when you impose a "no-buy" for yourself in January. I found your blog through your guest post on Audrey's site, Putting Me Together.  Love your style!

  24. Oh, fun!

    1) I obviously follow you already!
    2) Target
    3) Let's see....I'm 25, live in StL, MO, I hate when people clip their nails at work, I think buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys are an insult to popcorn, I think movie theater popcorn is the best food ever, and I'm obsessed with the kinda-cute but kinda-not celebrities (Chris O'Dowd, Jason Segel), and old men celebrities (Harrison Ford, George Clooney), and I used to love Usher until he "found" Justin Bieber. Wudajerk

  25. Yay!!! thanks for the kind giveaway & congrats on your followers. I follow via GFC. I would love a Target gift card. I am 26 and live in Oklahoma. My fave book is "To Kill a Mockingbird", my favorite Jelly Belly flavor is Pear, least fave is Popcorn.  I love Hello Kitty, owls & skirts :)  family74014 at gmail dot com

  26. Yes, I'm a follower - from Chicago IL. Any of those gift cards sound great! Target, Nordstrom or maybe Banana? Great giveaway, thanks!

  27. Congrats on 500 GFC followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting! Numbers are just numbers but for you blog, I feel like it reflects your blog. You are a very interactive and dedicated blogger. I can't believe $50 to any retailer...oh the choices!

    1. I am certainly a follower of your blog (GFC, Twitter, IG)
    2. I guess I'd pick Macys b/c I have a Christmas GC from there and two GCs I could get something real nice :D. Tks girl! So kind of you to give your affiliate earnings to your readers!!
    3. I don't want to leave you a looong comment, so here's something about me: I found you initially by your other (now non-updated) blog where you drew pics of your family. I blog at I love your down to earth, relatable style. My biggest pet peeve is drivers who can't obey simple rules of the road like don't block my right-turn-only lane b/c you didn't know it was a right-turn-only lane and are now trying to cut into the left where other ppl won't let you in b/c you are stupid. :D

  28. This is such a awesome giveaway. You get to pick what you want to win? Doesn't get better than that!

    1. I am a follower on Google Friend Connect. 
    2. JCrew or Target (total ends of the spectrum but I've got love for both).
    3. I live in Durham, NC and I am going to turn dirty thirty this year. I am a Registered Landscape Architect but I don't mow lawns for a living :). I am married (no kids - yet) and have a dog named Pickles (who is basically my furkid). I've been reading fashion blogs for the last 2 or so years to try and get more out of my wardrobe and be a better dresser without breaking the bank. I love your style because it is very similar to mine and I can draw inspiration from your outfits. My least favorite Jelly Belly flavor is buttered popcorn. Yuck!

  29. 1. Of course! I've followed you with google reader for several years. 
    2. Target. Target is my happy place. I love the smell. 
    3. I'm 31, live in Olympia and work in an office. I have a two year old son who is the most awesome person I have ever met.  

  30. I follow on bloglovin'.  Choices?  Let's go with Gap.  I am from Oklahoma, coordinate volunteers, & Laura my co-blogger introduced me to you!


  31. Thanks for the giveaway, Kimmie!

    1. I have followed you for the longest time; can't remember how I found your blog.
    2. J. Crew, please :)
    3. I am 25, married, and have a Westie named Max. I live in Cincinnati, OH and work part-time at a web development company, and the rest of my time is spent teaching private music lessons (piano, violin, viola and cello). I love to read anything by Sophie Kinsella, and I love to watch old episodes of The Office and How I Met Your Mother! I only eat the yellow jelly beans. :)

  32. 1. Yes, love your blog!
    2.  Gap
    3.  Legal assistant and mother to a very active 13 month old boy.  I'm starting to get back into fashion after having my son. Finding that even though I weigh the same as I did before I had him, my body is quite different and more challenging to dress.  I found about your blog through "Putting me Together".  My celebrity crush is Timothy Olyphant.  

  33. i follow i follow!

    I'm pretty sure you know everything about me, but here's a little fact.. I was in the marching band in high school.

  34. Yes, I'm a follower!
    I'd have to say a Target gift card would be best for me, can't get enough of that place!
    I'm a stay at home mom to 3 kiddies, ages 6, 4 & 1!  I just recently started reading style blogs and actually putting some thought into what I buy and wear.  I think creeping up on a certain milestone birthday (*cough* thirty *cough*) has lit the fire under my bum to start dressing in a way that makes me feel good about myself!

  35. 1. yes :)
    2. LOFT or H&M
    3. I love fashion, finding bargains, reading blogs and anything sparkly :)

  36. What a lovely giveaway!!

    1. I do follow and I use Bloglovin' to follow you. I don't remember how I found your blog but I connected with it because of the section on your clothing budget that you have, as I'm a big budgeter as well.
    2. I would love a gift certificate to Joann Fabrics!
    3. I currently live in Austin, TX and am 28 years old. I blog over at Project Lovegood, my Twitter username is projectlovegood. My favorite books are The China Study, If You Want to Write, All of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books, Wizard's First Rule, Happier and Alive. I'm on Goodreads as well and you can find me here, if you are on and would like to connect. My biggest pet peeve is hate, hateful people, hateful comments, and so on. I just don't have patience for it. My dream job is to be self-employed selling my creations, doing blog designing, and "flipping furniture," as I call it. My favorite quote is: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night" by Edgar Allan Poe. :)T

  37. Of course I follow, my pick would be J. Crew, and I have a serious crush on Christian Bale. From his Little Women era.

  38. I'm a new follower of your blog (discovered you from Putting Me Together) and love it! I'd think I'd love a GC from Banana Republic. I love their stuff but rarely can bring myself to spend that kind of $$. And a little about me...I'm a full time working mom with 2 kids 5 and under and I'm desperately trying to learn how not to dress like a frumpy mom!

  39. 1. Yes, I am now! :)
    2. Target or Amazon.
    3. I'm 27 and I live in the U.P. (for most people in the world who don't know - the U.P. is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan :) )
    I found your blog through Putting Me Together. I've been trying to make some sense out of what I feel my style is and seeing your blog has really inspired me. I am struggling to re-work my wardrobe and the fact that you do it and on a budget that I'd be able to afford, is, like I said before - very inspiring :)
    ... oh, and my least favorite jelly bean is popcorn. Yuck!

  40. 1. Yes!
    2. Gotta go Target!
    3. I found you through another blog but I can't remember which one but I love that you are a bargain shopper like me!

  41. Congrats girl!
    I am totally a follower and I would probably choose Target or Forever 21!
    I think I found you through Erin's Blog (but I can't remember for sure). I am 34, live in Arkansas and Blog at :) My favorite books would take a couple of pages and my biggest pet peeves are usually grammar related. Being a mommy is totally my dream job - now if I could figure out how to get paid for it!

  42. Go Kimmie! And hey, I'm game to enter a contest! I need to do a shopping run to Banana Republic for some new quality work clothes, so I'll toss that store out there first. I first found your blog through our Seattle connections and I am so glad that we got to know one another while I was there! Dream crush: Jason Segal (there is just something about him I love these days). Pet Peeve: bad drivers. Sending big blog love your way!

  43. 1. Yes! 2. J. Crew please!3. I love buttered popcorn jelly beans. I am a first year teacher, teaching 6th grade in a school district with an extremely high poverty rate. I enjoy reading your blog at night to help me unwind from my crazy days!

  44. I'm following you...but not in a creepy, stalker way O_O
    I'd love a gift card to nordstrom or Target :) 
    I'm a mom to 4 kids, so fashion is imortant to me because it keeps me from getting into the "mom jeans" or sweat pants mode, since I'm so busy all the time, that would be the easy way out ;)  I love camping, reading and anything outdoors.

  45. 1. Yes!  I used to just keep all my blogs in my Google Reader, but yours is the first I'm following on Google Friend Connect!2. I would want a gift certificate to Target.  I loooove Target clothes.3. I'm Brynn and I'm 25 from the Minneapolis area in Minnesota.  I am currently a graduate student and I work at my university as well.  I don't have a blog yet, but I'm seriously thinking about it!  My favorite books are the books in the Harry Potter series (they never get old!).  I'm brynn_mcconnell on Twitter, and I'm resisting Instagram for now :)  I found your blog about a year and a half ago from a link on another blog.  Some of my biggest pet peeves are poor grammar/spelling, unpainted toenails, and when sandwiches come with the condiments on them.  My celebrity crush is Jake Gyllenhaal (but I also love George Clooney and Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  My dream job is being a high school counselor (which I'm going to school for), but I'd also love to flip houses on the side. My least favorite Jelly Belly flavor is black licorice - GAG.

  46. I'd love a gift card for Gap or F21 and thanks! I'm a 30-something teacher in Ontario, Canada. I'm married to a fellow teacher with two girls, 4 and 2. I started reading fashion blogs (especially those geared for petite Asians) a couple of years ago. I had a blog when my first child was born geared towards new moms. It was fun reviewing products and giving an educator's pov. Then life got hectic... :)

  47. Congrats on reaching to $50 and thanks for thinking of your readers. Love your blog. =)
    1. Yes!2. J.Crew
    3. I love candy. Lately, I've been eating Snickers and Sour Patch Kids like it's my breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

  48. Awesome congrats on 500 followers!
    1. Yep, I'm a follower
    2. Gap!
    3. I'm a married, mom of a 4yo girl and am a textile designer down in Georgia. I'm a style blogger over at and you can find me on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest @spryonthewall

  49. Congratulations on 500 followers!  
    1. Of course I am a follower of your blog!
    2. I am pregnant with our first baby, and I have been trying to figure out how to dress in pregnancy.  It's tough!  I have found a few cute things at Gap Maternity, so I'd say if I win I'd love a gift card to Gap.  
    3. I'm 31 and live in Denver.  My favorite book is Crime and Punishment, and my favorite move is Life is Beautiful.  As for jelly beans, Jelly Belly's are good, but Starburst jelly beans are THE BEST!

  50. 1. I suppose since it's a requirement, I will say I'm a follower. I'll be sure to add myself on GFC but you'll never hear from me again. I'm here for the $$ and not the asian chick taking pictures of herself.

    2. I'm having a really hard time committing to one store. Forever 21 where I can get like 2342 new things? J. Crew where I can buy 2/3 of a t-shirt? Target where I can buy dog treats? If you force me to choose, I'm going to go with....let's see if I win and then I'll decide. COMMITMENT FEAR.

    3. Madison. 25. sample bitch. franish (lets follow each other!). i found this here blog by my favorite petite blogger, Stylish Petite (she's such an inspiration!). I would say Harry Potter.

    prepare yourself: people who drive below the speed limit, people who don't use turn signals, people who click their finger nails, people that twirl their hair, people that smack their food when they eat, people that whistle, people that snap their fingers, people that don't organize their closets by color (haha kidding), people that shuffle their uggs in the winter, people that take up 2 parking spots when they park. women that wear ponytails to work (side note: I used to have a blog about things I hate.)

    RDJ. doctor (just let me in!). i don't like jelly bellies.

  51. 1. Yes, long time follower!
    2. Forever 21 would be great.
    3. I live in Brooklyn, NY, am newly married and just this past weekend set a budget with my husband. This includes a CLOTHING BUDGET. :) 

    I found your blog linked in from another blog which I do not remember. Your philosophy/strategy/budgeting for your wardrobe was interesting and inspiring to me and I've been reading your blog ever since.

  52. Congrats Kimmie!!

    I'm a follower of your blog and would LOVEeeee a gift card to Lululemon.  There is a store in the mall attached to my office and  I think their stuff is cute (especially their teal & purple yoga pants!) but can never justify spending money there since it's so overpriced.  I just started working out after a super long hiatus so I am wanting to add to my workout clothes wardrobe/collection.

    I'm in Boston and work at a bank doing accounting.  I found out about your blog through my sister.  I am a huge bargain shopper and don't know if there is anything I hate more than purchasing something, especially clothing items, at full price.  I love following fashion blogs, traveling, and trying new things/foods in my free time!

  53. 1. Yes!
    2. JCrew
    3. I'm a SAHM of two boys...trying to find my style and feel good about myself!

  54. 1. Yes! :)
    2. J.Crew
    3. I live in Wisconsin, I'm a 32 yr old mom of 3, I spend WAY too much money on clothes for myself and my kids (my husband will never understand), and I love checking out blogs for styling ideas (you ladies are incredible!)!  Oh, and I found your blog through 'Putting Me Together'  ;)
    *Thank you for all your time & hard work*

  55. 1. YES!
    2. Nordstrom!
    3. I'm 26 from the Washington, DC area, and and I love M&Ms. My husband proposed to me using them! :)

  56. Oooooooh, so cool! Congrats! I'd take a Modcloth gift card any day :)

    Holly/25/Boston/married/etsy shop owner/ can't stop eating sweet roasted cashews

  57. 1. Yes!2. Forever21, please! 3. I'm a 22-almost-23 year old university senior, studying Sociology in Orlando, FL. I currently work at a dog daycare but I'm eventually moving to Seattle to pursue a career in social work or teaching underprivileged children. My blog url is I found your blog through a collection of other blogs, and I absolutely loved your style immediately. My biggest peeve is poor grammar, I'm THAT girl that corrects people, even if it's just silently in my head. 

  58. 1. Yep! Follower on Google Reader.
    2. Gap or J. Crew
    3. I'm a Canadian and am thoroughly envious of free or (comparably much more) cheap shipping fees for online shopping in the States. But the perks of being Canadian means I have one year maternity leave and I spend my days dragging my baby shopping.


  59. What an awesome giveaway, Kimmie!  Thank you!  Now I really wish what we joked about on Twitter regarding this giveaway was true. :)

    1. I'd be dumb not to.2. Ahhhh cannot decide.  J.Crew?  Madewell?  They're stores whose stuff I love but have yet to adjust my shopping budget to shop there regularly.
    3. There was a season in elementary school during which I carried around a Costco sized tub of Jelly Bellies.  It's how I bribed people to be my friend.  

  60. 1. Well yes, of course! :)
    2. This is a toughie, but I would have to say either J. Crew or LUSH.
    3. I'm a 23-year old RN living in Eastern Canada. I work primarily in Labour and Delivery, Obstetrics and Gynecology. I cannot remember how I found your blog but I have been following for a while, as I love your affordable and simplistic style, as well as your commitment to your clothing budget. I love all things glittery, which you could see on my Instagram (/janineallison) as well as spending the day with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. 

  61. 1. Yes!
    2. Gap
    3. I am a SAHM to two kiddos. Favorite color pink. Fun fact: I don't wear black, ever. My neutral is navy blue.

  62. Yay congrats on 500!

    1. Yes, following!
    2. Um, anywhere? But I'd love F21, Target, Nordstrom, JCrew... oh wait, I just named all of them.
    3. Some of this you might already, but.. I'm in Boston, my biggest celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth (yum), and starburst jelly beans are my fave jelly beans!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  63. Aww great giveaway Kimmie! :)

    1. Yes!!
    2. This is a toughie.. I would say Nordies or JCrew or Target!
    3. Oo little about myself: I'm almost 30 (next month), I live in Seattle (you knew that!), umm.. I hate black licorice jelly beans, I sorta remember how I found your blog.. my best friend was reading it and told me about it and I had to check it out and was impressed! ;) Oh! AND I think we have a mutual friend.. do you know Ann W...?? 

    Thanks for being generous on sharing your earnings! I hope the rest goes to your clothing budget. ;)

    xo - Sheila 

  64. 1. yes! in my reader
    2. urban outfitters please! (i've got my eye one something)
    3. i can't remember how i found your blog exactly, but i know it was from another blog. i've been following for a while and i love it! i'm in nashville and think we have very similar styles. i like to describe myself as a crazy math teacher and i'll be celebrating the 4th anniversary of my 29th birthday on monday!

  65.  1. Yes
     2. forever21 or Lulu*s(if possible)
     3. I love travel, reading, acting, and photography!

  66. Great giveaway!

    1. Yes, of course!
    2. Forever 21
    3. I'm from NY. My favorite number is 7. I followed your blog because of the way you look so put together on a budget. You also have great style!

  67. 1.Yes! 
    2. Forever 21 please
    3. I'm 23, sahm, in bellingham, wa so near seattle! I'm like addicted to reading blogs, although i don't have one myself. I recently got my hair dyed platinum blonde and I love it. I also like really vintage things, I wish I could be a 50's or 60's housewife, but I can pretend right? lol 

  68. 1. I just became a follower. =)
    2. Target. i heart the target clearance section.
    3. i bought a mustard cardigan because i was inspired by one of your outfit posts.

  69. Congrats on reaching 500! That's awesome. :)

    1. Yep!
    2. I love Old Navy, Target, and Forever21. In other words, I just can't decide right now!
    3. I'm from the Pacific Northwest, a college student studying to become a teacher, and I'm taking a ballroom dance class right now! It's a lot of fun and a lot less awkward than I thought it would be. I found your blog via Audrey's blog (Putting Me Together) and I love that you set a clothing budget. That's something I definitely need to do (especially when I'm on my own and earning a teacher's salary!). Thanks for the style inspiration!

  70. 1. Yes, I am a long time follower!!! Congrats on 500 followers!
    2. I think I would choose TJ Maxx.
    3. You know
    Favorite books...I just read Seven by Jen Hatmaker, also finished the Matched Trilogy, also starting to read Welcoming Kitchen.  I'm in Michigan and enjoying an almost 60 degree January day today...wha???

  71. Hey! I just found you through Putting Me Together. I really liked your Chambray Remix post. 
    I always like to find a new style blog that I can relate to :)
    I'm from Canada and am holding a blog with similar objective as yours. although I am working on broadening the topics and orientation. 
    I would delighted if I could win a gift card for a clothes store because I am also trying to respect a budget. Forever21 would be a good choice, and $50 at this store gets you a long way!
    Congrats on 500+ followers :)

  72. I follow! Hmmm...I think a Target or LOFT gift card would be wonderful! I think I found you through Franish or Along the Lines of Style. Your clothing budget is really similar to mine! I am a part time youth services librarian and I have a 5 year old daughter. :) Thanks for the giveaway! Fun!

  73.  1. Yes!
    2. Anthropologie! (or maybe J. Crew... if I win, I'll let you know) ;)
    3. I'm in Florida -- I'm 21 & I'm a kindergarten teacher. I can't quite remember how I found your blog... but I love it!

  74. 1.  YES
    2. Target please (:
    3. I love your blog because you incorporate budgeting (something I need to stick to better...), very everyday wearable outfits, and your kids are adorable!

  75. Yes, most definitely a follower. Forever 21 would be my pick.
    I found you and fell for your fresh, fashionable, and frugal philosophy! As an "almost" 50 middle school teacher, I'm finally finding my fashion.

  76. Congrats!!!
    1. gfc-ne-knopka
    2.ASOS(or maybe JCrew)
    3.I'm 30 and I live in the russia


  77. What a generous way to give to your readers!

    1. Yes!
    2. Nordstrom
    3. I don't remember how I found your blog (back in 2011, I think) but I remember that yours was one of the few that I could look at and think, "I have that shirt." or "I have similar tights." etc and so I stayed and then went to StuckOnMommy and then came back.  Also, I love to travel and I always think I am going to "immerse" myself in the culture, but of course, you can't in a long weekend or even one week. I just know how to say hello and goodbye and sometimes a few key phrases in French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, etc.

  78. 1. yes
    2. target
    3. Found you through putting me together. I'm a stay home mom with a 4 year old and 2 yr old twins.

  79. Congrats! And Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Yes, I am a follower.
    2. H&M please!
    3. You can find me at the University of San Francisco as a nursing student and San Francisco State University as family consumer science major. My blog is . I'm not sure how I found your blog, it's been awhile. Oh, one of my pet peeves is when people shake their leg and end up shaking my seat/the floor around me. Another is when people salt/pepper/lemon the food (fries, fried calamari, fish, etc.) without asking, but then again they can put it on their own plate...blah!!!

  80. i'm a follower!  you are so sweet to offer a gift card to one of your readers!  i would probably choose j crew. 

    i always wished i remembered how i came across certain blogs but it's hard to remember!   but anyway, my name is heidi and i've been a follower for some time.  my name up there should link to my blog, i'm a social worker in minnesota and love thrifting and wearing lots of color!

  81. I'm a follower.

    I tend to be a Target person, but I'm thinking I'd like the gift card for Old Navy... they have some fun cheap clothes that have caught my eye lately.I'm a college student living in the boonies and studying history. It's the land of camo and WalMart in nestled in the Shenandoah. 

  82. 1. I most definitely am! :)2. Target!3. Hello! My name is Taryn.  I am currently a high school senior who will be heading off to college soon (YAY!).  Currently, I call New Jersey my home, but soon I'll call Pennsylvania home!  I just started a "lifestyle" type blog and was searching the www for some blogs to follow.  I love reading blogs that are fashion and beauty centered.  (My blog URL is  I have an instagram and the username is Retr0dreamer.  Basically, I was a lot like you with my fashion/dressing mantra.  I used to go to school in the same brand of jeans with uggs or sneakers everyday for three years. (Lazy girl problem?)  I discovered how amazing fashion and dressing up could be during the summer between my junior and senior years.  I found a job to support my newfound obsession with finding sales and shopping!  Currently, my two favorite authors are John Green and Atul Gawande.  John Green writes teen fiction, but his books are definitely appropriate for some adults to read. (I really suggest you read 'A Fault in Our Stars').  Atul Gawande is a surgeon at Mass Gen Hospital.  He writes books about surgery and his experiences in medicine.  If you're into the kind of reading material, 'Complications' is one of my favorite books!  I guess I'm really interested in reading his books because my dream job is... a trauma surgeon in the US Army.  I love being "hands on," I love science and I love helping people, so that would encompass all of my loves!  Sorry this is so long.  Thank you for having this contest :)

  83. Hi Kimmie!
    1. Yes, I am a follower of your blog and I read it on the daily!! Love your style and I love all of your Frye boots!!
    2. I would love a gift card to Madewell!! :)
    3. I'm currently living in New Haven, CT with my husband but we are hoping to move out to the west coast in the next couple of years (hopefully California)! I love the color olive green, cardigans, chambray shirts, scarves and boots, boots, boots!!

    You are awesome!!

  84. Hey! This is so exciting. Here goes.

    1. Yes.
    2. Target would be awesome, I shop there a lot.
    3. I am a 24-year-old in Mississippi working as an editor at a small publishing company (when I say small, I mean there are 4 of us). I actually have two blogs, one specifically based around feminism ( and a new one that's more for me to just work on writing ( (I actually discovered this competition because I am writing a post on my obsession with style blogs, and I was coming here to link to this blog as part of my list of blogs I look at.)
       I love movies and I know way too many actors' names. As a result, I am far (FAR) too good at the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. My sister and I actually play it as a competition: I'll think of one actor, she'll think of one, then we say them and see who can come up with the ways they are connected the fastest. Sometimes we switch it up and see who can come up with the connections with the fewest steps. It's very dorky and, of course, very fun.
       Eventually I would love to live in a bigger city and work for a magazine or something, but for now, my job at a small company is great for getting the publishing experience I need. So that's me.

  85. Hello! I'm following you now, for a ... hm... well, I'll choose a shop if I win. Probably Topshop, Sephora, or H&M.

    I've lived in Vancouver, Cananda all my life. I'm 21, freshly finishing my MOA course and going into nursing. I don't post much, but my tumblrs get extremely active spastically... you can check it here: My most recent book would be the sequel to Life in Provence, though I can't remember the title... French... something. And I love to eat gelato and pho :).

  86. 1. Yes
    2. Athleta
    3. Hip and groovy 50-year-old from central PA who discovered your blog when I googled "Frye boots outfits" and hit the jackpot.  I had no idea that outfits blogs even existed. Since then, I've looked at several, but like yours the best, Kimmie.  You are adorable and funny, and you have helped me rengergize my style immensly.  Brown boots with a black outfit! 

  87. Are you a follower of my blog? Yep! :)Which retailer would you would want a $50 gift certificate to? Wow... I think I would be happy with either Target, Gap or Forever 21. Truthfully, I don't do a TON of shopping at Forever 21 but I love the jewelry they have there so this could go so far on that! On the other hand, I love Merona sweaters from Target... and Gap has been putting out some GREAT stuff lately! :)Tell me a little about yourself, I love getting to know all of you! I am nearly 30, from Michigan, working in the legal system, I write at (though it has been a little fizzled for a while... I am working on a new layout and new stuff for the new year - it was one of my resolutions), I instagram as fashionfrugality, and I dream that someday I will own my own thrift/consignment shop! :) 
    I love your blog and sticking to your budget totally inspires me!
    fashionfrugality at

  88. 1. Yes, I'm a follower.  I just found your blog, and I really like your style.
    2. A gift card to Modcloth would be awesome!
    3. I always have to be doing something creative, whether it's drawing, writing, sewing, etc.  I think I like fashion because it gives me an opportunity to be creative with what I wear as well.

    Thank you for the contest.  That's very generous of you.  :)

  89. 1. Yes :-)
    2. Nordstrom, please! Then maybe I would spend it on new clothes for myself instead of groceries or diapers LOL
    3. twitter & instagram: @aMidnightSun, found you via Putting Me Together blog, fav books The Catcher in the Rye and more recently I enjoyed Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple, I don't like jelly beans-I like CHOCOLATE, I have two kids, and I live in a Chicago suburb. And I love to cook!

  90. 1. Yes! 
    2. Target - a fellow clearance addict!
    3. 31, Minneapolis, school nurse, I just found you today, ironically through a link on Get Off My Internets - don't worry it was about how your blog is really stylish and budget friendly! I'm glad I found it - I love your style - it's similar to mine I think! Buttered popcorn are the worst Jelly Bellies!

  91. I follow via GFC: Throuthehaze
    Old Navy
    I'm in my late 20s, live in VA, and I have a book review blog:
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  92. 1. Yes following you via GFC
    2. Target coz i can use it to buy diapers hehehe.
    3.  Oh gosh, i dont know where to begin,  well im a 33 year old mom with 2 kids 11 yr old and 16 months old.  Im a Christian and i love going to church and volunteer to help others.

  93. 1. I follow your blog through GFC.
    2. Forever 21 or J.Crew
    3. I'm an apparel merchandising student in MI and ex-blogger at (but considering starting up again) with big dreams of opening up my own boutique some day down the road.

  94. first off, CONGRATS on your blogging milestone! 
    1. of course!
    2. j.crew
    3. i blog over at dash dot dotty and i've always been so impressed by how you pull together great outfits and now, even more so, with TWO kids! 

  95. Hello! Love your blog and have been following along for the past year or two :)

    1. Yes
    2. J. Crew
    3. I live in the Midwest, am turning 30 this year but am forever being mistaken for a teenager which is either flattering or annoying depending on the day.  I live with boys (my husband and almost 2-year-old). I blog a little at My friend recommended I start reading your blog when I was on the hunt for style blogs with accessible ideas.

    Thanks for sharing!


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