Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December budget recap

  1. Maroon cocoon sweater (Target):
    Originally $23, on clearance for $16 + tax = $17 (used gift card)
  2. Blue blazer (Forever 21)
    Originally $30, on clearance for $15 - 50% off sale + tax = $8
  3. Lace dress (Forever 21)
    Originally $25, on clearance $12 - 50% off sale + tax = $7
  4. Grey cocoon sweater (Target)
    Originally $23, on clearance for $16 + tax = $17 (used gift card)
  5. Grey sweater (Target)
    Originally $25, on clearance for $12 + tax = $13 ($4 after using $9 gift card)
  6. Navy blue military jacket (Target)
    Originally $45, on clearance for $13 + tax = $14
  7. White tee (Target)
    Originally $10, on sale for $7 + tax = $8
  8. Striped sweater (Forever 21)
    $20 + tax = $22
  9. Plaid scarf (Forever 21)
    Originally $7, on clearance for $3 - 50% off sale + tax = $2
December total: $65

I started December off with $120 to spend (see my monthly spending here) and was doing pretty well with only three items (the maroon cardigan, blue blazer and lace dress) purchased by the time Christmas rolled around, and I still had $105 left even after an unsuccessful day-after-Christmas visit to the mall.

Then I went to Target with a few gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, and found some things in the clearance racks that I couldn't resist leaving behind. And on the 31st, I still had some of my budget left so I dropped into Forever 21 again to see if there were any other good sale items left (50% off sale prices, my favorite!) and found a FULL PRICE (gasp) sweater that I really really liked. I don't know why buying full price items makes me feel so guilty, and especially at a place like Forever 21 where the prices are dirt cheap to begin with, but hey, it was the end of the year and I had money to burn, so I allowed myself a little splurge.

I finished the year off with $55 of my $600 annual budget remaining, which I'm pretty proud of, though my actual spending was a little more since I used up some gift cards and had a bonus $50 cash added in. The extra $55? It's going towards a pair of Frye boots that I bought from Caroline which will be going in the January budget, so I'll be starting the new year off with two months of no-shopping. Should be fun!

Happy new year!


  1. Love the navy jacket! The Targets here never have anything good by the time I take a look. The boots will be worth it, I promise! I would've kept them if I hadn't gotten new black boots for Christmas.

  2. I'm so jealous you got those boots! I saw them Caroline's blog and was so (and jelly) that my feet are too big. Can't wait to see them on you :)

  3. Such awesome deals, and you did a phenomenal job this year - I can't believe you came in under budget!  I especially love that navy military jacket, so chic and versatile!  And I'm also trying to start the new year with little/no shopping, so I'll be excited to see your posts remixing/reusing items you already have :)

  4. Good job hitting your budget! And LOL paying full price on F21 makes you guilty. It makes me feel guilty too, hehe. Anyways, here's to a new 2013!

  5. The clearance racks are overflowing right now! There were a lot of good things, and I had to fight the urge to buy more :(

    Can't wait for my new boots!! :)

  6. Frye boots are my weakness, and I can't resist a good pair at a discounted price :( But at least I get a lot of wear out of them so it's totally worth it!

  7. Thanks, Laura! One of my goals for the new year is to try to post up more outfit posts, just to show people how I can remix my limited wardrobe without constantly going out and buying new things every other day. :)

  8. Haha, I usually don't feel *too* bad about buying full price F21, but since there was just so much stuff on sale in the clearance racks that day, it just felt wrong to buy something that wasn't on sale! Happy 2013 to you, Lisa!!

  9. LOVE the items you picked up at Target! I feel the exact same way about buying stuff at full price at F21, especially if it's over $25. I feel like the shelf life of their clothing makes it really easy to wait it out for a sale before buying.

  10. Great purchases.  I cannot believe what a deal you got on that lace dress and the blue blazer.  I totally love that navy military jacket--also an incredible price!  And lastly, I hope you get some good use out of those cocoon sweaters.  

  11. Yeah, for some reason it's so easy buy a few pairs of $5 leggings from Forever 21, but so hard to put down $20 for a sweater. But you can definitely tell that the more expensive stuff is better quality! I really love my sweater (wearing it today!) so I guess that makes it worth it ;)

  12. I hope so too! though I was trying on the cocoon sweaters last night with the outfits I had in my head and they just didn't look right because they were baggier/longer than I had pictured. There is a possibility that the grey one may be going back to the store :(

  13. Wow, girl!  You need to take me shopping!!

  14. Wow, amazing!!!!!!! I love that scarf and can't believe you grabbed it for $2!

  15. Good to see you found a military jacket! It's awesome!

  16. I love your military style jacket from Target! Mine is 95% the same (from Banana Republic) and I totally love yours way more because of the price. Your Target finds are amazing! 


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